Route 66 Grass Fire Quickly Extinguished

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Luther firefighters stopped a grass fire before it could spread to heavy undergrowth, and hamper traffic along Route 66. The shooting flames, and black smoke caused concern late Tuesday afternoon. The fire near the bank of the Deep Fork River and the bridge on Route 66 in front of Triangular Silt Dike ignited around 4:30 p.m. Volunteer firefighters had the flames out before they spread beyond an acre or so.

In related news, a request posted on Facebook by the Luther Fire Department for drinking water has prompted many caring community members to bring cases of water and Gatorade to Town Hall. The crews are very appreciative.

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Although the area is not under an official burn ban, with the heat and dry conditions, any burning outdoors seems risky.

It’s unknown whether a thrown lit cigarette might have started the fire.

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