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Luther, OK – With a dismal voter turnout, voters in the Town of Luther turned out its mayor. Jenni White received the fewest number of votes in the April 6 election. Of the four candidates on the ballot, the top three were elected to the governing board of the town.

In unofficial returns, current trustee Terry Arps, who appeared to be the only candidate to have campaign signs, earned the most votes followed by Carla Caruthers and Joshua Rowton. The trio of Arps, Caruthers and Rowton won four year terms. White, and Trustee Trandy Langston were elected in 2017. Langston did not seek re-election. White served as Mayor, chosen from amongst the other trustees during her term. Other trustees on the town’s governing board are Brian Hall and Jeff Schwarzmeier.

In a post on her FB mayor page, White posted, “Well, Luther, I’ve really enjoyed serving this Town. Thank you for allowing me four great years! If I’m needed, I’ll be around! I’ve loved being your Mayor.

In another interesting result, the proposition to make the Town’s Clerk an appointed, rather than an elected position, resulted in a tie vote. The Town trustees voted to seek the ballot measure after the last elected clerk abruptly resigned.

Only 80 voters cast ballots in this election, with one absentee ballot, compared to more than 600 votes in 2017 when White was elected and was the highest vote getter.

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Another election is on the calendar for May 11, 2021, to ask voters for a sales tax increase. The sales tax election was intended to be today, but a paperwork error bumped it to May.

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