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August 22, 2018

Pecans, Cookies and Marketing


Three customers to both Couch Pecan Orchard and The 116 Farmstead, Market and Table today.

What a day!
Luther, you know November 15 is the day when our town gets an annual influx of visitors. They drive in from miles around to head to one place: Couch Pecan Orchard.

They came. Folks were lined up by 8am to grab their treasure of beautifully shelled drupes (that’s an official name) for future pecan pies and pecan pralines; or gifts for neighbors and loved ones. As my husband says, “Any good cook knows pecans make anything better!” Try them in a salad, or by the handful.

Couch’s lovely orchard is a Luther cornerstone, and it was great to see the line of customers there today. More will come every day until they sell out. Those who have jumped out of their skin at the sound of the intermittent “boom,” should know that crow deterring cannon will get packed away once the pecans are off the trees … until next year.

In a twist of either marketing brilliance, or simply Marketing 101, the orchard partnered with one of Luther’s new businesses, The 116 Farmstead, Market and Table to help serve their customers. Those who bought pecans got a coupon for a cookie at The 116. Several out-of-town visitors made their way to Main Street to redeem their coupon.

Full disclosure, I worked at The 116 today, and met plenty of cookie hunting pecan connoisseurs. They came from Weatherford, Edmond, Midwest City, Blanchard and even Colorado. They had some lunch, looked around and pledged to come back to our town.

To read more about Couch’s Pecan Orchard, check out this awesome article from Edible OKC that was published about a year ago.

To pecans. To cookies.


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“Pecans, Cookies and Marketing”

  1. Lea Ann Jackson
    November 16, 2016 at 6:43 am

    Love this idea. Puts our town in such a positive light. Gets them to come further into town.

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