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Dawn Shelton

Dawn Shelton

Founder & Journalist

Every town needs a newspaper. Dawn Shelton believed that so strongly that she put her two decades worth of experience in journalism, public relations, writing and event planning to work in her community. So in late 2015, she started attending meetings – the school board and Town board. She showed up at fires and followed criminal cases; and began writing about it all at The online version of The Luther Register is a throwback to the original paper that served the very first citizens of Luther in 1897. Part of a growing movement to reclaim local independent journalism,’ guiding principle is to shine an informative light for citizens to make wise decisions. Readers can support the work through one-time or monthly donations, advertising to directly reach an audience, sponsorships and also through participating in our events, such as the annual Luther Pecan Festival held each November. Luther Register is a proud member of LION (Local Independent Online News) Publishers. #lutherlocal #localnews

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