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August 20, 2018


Water Trouble for Luther

UPDATE: TOWN OF LUTHER WATER RESTORED SATURDAY EVENING. FROM THE TOWN OF LUTHER: As our crew said, “We are back in business!” The repair has been made and water has been restored to the Town of Luther. We thank all of our community for your patience throughout the afternoon and evening, and apologize for any inconvenience

New Water Meters for Luther

A crew from San Marcos, Texas, has spent the week in Luther visiting every Town water customer’s yard with a shovel. They are replacing the old mechanical meters with new ultrasonic meters that are expected to improve accuracy and detect leaks more quickly for Luther water customers. The rain slowed the crew down from Secure

More Pay Raises for Town Employees

The Luther Town Trustees voted Tuesday night to give three Luther Public Works Authority employees $2 hourly raises, a move that will add $1,000 a month to payroll expenses, based on a 40 hour work week. The board approved each raise separately. The first item called for consideration, discussion and possible action regarding hiring a maintenance

New vehicles

The Luther Public Works Authority made quick work of one item on their Special Meeting agenda Thursday. They approved financing to take loans to buy three new public safety vehicles – two patrol cars for the police department and a command vehicle for the volunteer fire department. The item was moved by Andy McDaniels and seconded by

Generators for the Town

“We want to do what’s best for the town,” Mayor Cecilia Taft said during Tuesday night’s Special Meeting of the Luther Public Works Authority in which the board chose the highest bid to bring generators to the Town to help in emergencies. The board was pulled together for a special meeting to open bids for

Water Woes and a Water Grant

In what might be a record, the Luther Public Works Authority board in a Special Meeting on Wednesday night took less than two minutes to conduct its business (broadcast by Luther Register on Periscope). The business involved signing off on seeking a $100,000 Rural Economic Action Plan grant to help fix the town’s water problems. RESOLUTION

Money in the Water

Luther’s water quality is safe, according to Mayor Lea Ann Jackson. However, the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality has some recommendations on how the town can keep better track of its water. Because water is money. DEQ Capacity Development Coordinator Brandon Bowman presented “Luther’s Water Loss Audit” to the Luther Public Works Authority meeting at

Don’t lay that trash on Oklahoma

Don’t lay that trash on Oklahoma Luther. Oklahomans remember the anti-littering advertising campaign of about 20 years ago (go ahead and click on that link for the memories – warning, the song WILL be stuck in your head for a while!). The Luther Public Works Authority offered a “big trash” dump day in April. Current utility customers