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SUPPORT. If you read The Luther Register, help support it. It’s as simple as that. While we don’t have a paywall (yet), readers understand that the news is not free. If you think of it this way, news (especially community news) is a product. While we don’t think twice to purchase products like coffee, a movie, or even a new outfit – shouldn’t we pay for our information? Shouldn’t we buy information that is fact-based and relevant to your life, as community news is uniquely qualified to do. On television, commercials help pay for the news. Traditional printed newspapers used to be supported mostly from advertisers. We all know how that is turning out for them, especially in 2020, when more and more legacy newspapers fire employees or close up shop. The Luther Register will stay small and lean, by design. We don’t need a lot of money for big flashy productions, we just want to present information, and we would like to get paid for the time it takes to attend a meeting, do some research, interview folks, write it, post it, promote and then go on to the next story. Also, by “we,” I mean “me.” The Luther Register is a one person shop. But we’d like to hire reporters, photographers and event planners. There is a growing lists of stories to cover, just in our small slice of the world. But there’s no time for one person to do it all. If it’s a product worthy of your time, please make it worth some money as well. A monthly suggested amount of $10 a month (or more) helps as we can continue pouring in the time (the gas money), research and effort to provide quality and professional journalism about our community.

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Beth and Luther Register Publisher Dawn Shelton were chitchatting one day. “I finally mentioned that I publish this online paper in Luther! Then she told me her name, and I recognized her as one of our very first monthly donors! We had never met in real life,” said Dawn. THANKS BETH!




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