Letters to the Editor

The Luther Register is willing to publish readers’ views in a special Letter to the Editor section. As a growing online community, we are committed and extremely interested in news for our town (and surrounding areas). We want to present this opportunity for readers to share their thoughts in their own voices.

Some ground rules. Brief, civil and relevant. 

  • Brief. Sadly, our attention spans get shorter every time we use social media. (That’s my theory.) Plus, we’ve learned that some people DO NOT read any or all of this content (even if it is compelling!). So keep it short if you want to be read. Trust me on this.
  • Civil. Just be nice. This is NOT a comments section where folks spew unhinged. Besides If submissions are unkind, offensive, obnoxious or rude, we just won’t post it.
  • Relevant. Keep it current and applicable to our lives in Luther, Eastern Oklahoma County, or the parts of Logan and Lincoln counties that are included in our vast rural community.

Contact information is required, not for posting but confirming you are a human, a neighbor (because we are all neighbors) and not a robot.

Submission does not guarantee posting. Just to be clear on this!

And also, the views expressed via all Letters to Editor do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Luther Register nor its employees, sponsors or biggest fans. Unless they do. It is our intent that readers will never know as we endeavor to be fair, but give a voice to many aspects of issues that affect us. Sometimes a conversation just must be started.

Other rules? Probably some will come up. But let’s start somewhere.