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August 20, 2018


Worth Watching

It was an interesting August meeting for the Luther Town Board of Trustees. We broadcast the meetings on FB Live and you can watch here. The meeting agenda was full resulting in many decisions, and also included some controversy on a couple of issues, including whether a manufactured home can be brought into Town, even

Better call OKIE (and join OKIE too)

It could be that Murphy’s Law could be applied to the Town of Luther when it comes to water, “if something can go wrong, it will.” It happened today when Town water was shut off just about the time all of the restaurants were in full lunch rush, and residents were doing laundry or needing

Porta Potties at the Parks, Pecan Street & Pot

A frequent comment from visitors to Luther’s two Town parks is the lack of a place “to go,” as in, “to the restroom.” Until a more permanent solution is in place, Luther based company Dump Depot will provide porta-potties at both Wildhorse Park and Washington Park. It was announced at the July Luther Town Trustee

Internet sales tax helps Luther

What we REALLY need is to locate more businesses within our borders and to market ourselves so well that we attract both people living INSIDE and OUTSIDE the Town to shop #LutherLocal,”  said Mayor White.

LUTHER: Best Freewheel Host Town

“Luther won because they did the best job welcoming the riders to town. The volunteers made all the riders feel at home and did everything they could to meet their needs. The businesses and the town made it known that the riders where welcome. That does not happen in every town. The videos you all

The New Town Budget

The Town of Luther Board of Trustees meets in a Public Hearing and Special Meeting tonight, June 14, to consider a budget for the new fiscal year that begins July 1. For next year, the Trustees propose a budget based on about $702,000 with expenses at about $650,000.. Town Trustee Lea Ann Jackson, CPA, said

Rolling out the Red Carpet for OK Freewheel

The restaurants have special menus and hours, the stores are stocked, the trash is picked up, and the grass cut. The high school grounds will soon become a Tent City. The detour signs are ready (read on for information about that). The To Do List items are getting checked off. And the meetings are almost

Plotting and Platting Luther’s Future

Do you remember that survey Luther residents were asked to complete last summer? The Eastern Oklahoma County Partnership, a public-private organization that focuses on economic development, shared a $500,000 grant with its member towns, including Luther, to tackle the work of comprehensive planning for the growing areas. The result of that survey and a year’s work

Chili Showdown for Fireworks

When the creative spirit gets launched, there is a lot of fun to be had in Luther – and a lot of good chili and cornbread. The Luther Fire Department and Police Department are in a friendly competition to outdo each other on the best pot of chili. It’s part of a fundaiser to help

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