Luther Pecan Festival

Pecan Festival

Thanks Chicken Shack

Say it isn’t so. We knew the closure of the Luther Chicken Shack was coming, but when I looked left…

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Ramblin’ Joe: Avoid Overthinking

"RESIST - Wasting time and effort on unneeded change. Go be happy. Be satisfied. Be good livers. Oh, yeah -…

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Ramblin’ Joe: The Summer Season on Route 66

"One of life's little truisms - If we aren't going forward, we're backing up!"

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Ramblin’ Joe: Calling All Empathetic Patriots

by Joe Baxter ALERT! Ask him, Joe will tell you he’s angry. He is welcome to pour it out here…

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Ramblin’ Joe: The New Chicken Shack

by Joe Baxter In Arcadia at the Round Barn, the Sunday Elm Tree Concerts have begun! Janice Francis-Smith kicked us…

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Ramblin’ Joe: Twisters and Pools

by Joe Baxter Lightning strikes at 6 am make me nervous. Was in the act of pulling the living room…

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Ramblin’ Joe: Cars

by Joe Baxter Happy Wednesday! Forgot to tell y’all about the Lamborghini. It was RED, parked on Route 66 across…

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Ramblin’ Joe: Play Ball

by Joe Baxter Giddyup & go! Writing this ahead of time, because the Baxters are going walkabout for a few…

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Ramblin’ Joe: The Story of Arcadia’s Round Barn on Route 66

by Joe Baxter Hope everyone is doing okay! Spring is HERE, finally. It can be a little bit cool and…

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Ramblin’ Joe: Smart Dogs, Good Kids, and politics

by Joe Baxter Happy Wednesday, FaceKids. Spring is springing forth, as we speak. Warm, windy, humid … tornadoes. No problem.…

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