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August 21, 2018


The day after: Luther PD to post at school

The first day of school. The jitters. The new outfits. The new notebooks and new teachers and class schedules. A fresh start. And in the modern age, there are the obligatory posts on social media of our kids heading off to school for the first day, either on the bus or curbside delivery. Wasn’t our

Praise for Luther Students & Teachers

“I couldn’t be more proud of our students and high school teachers. They couldn’t have followed safety procedures or remained calmer” said Gunn. He said Luther has the greatest teachers and students in the world.

“Punching another student with a knife”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with our student who is in stable condition,” said  Superintendent Barry Gunn spoke to reporters moments ago (10:30 am) and said that the stabbing incident happened during a morning school assembly for the high school at the auditorium. Both students are 14-years-old. The suspect is detained. Gunn said it appears

Stabbing at Luther High, first day of school

A terrible first day of school for Luther. Within the first hour of classes, a student allegedly stabbed a 14-year-old female fellow student. She is on her way to the hospital. The boy is being detained. An automatic call went out to parents this morning, “an incident has occurred at the high school. One student

Officer Butler released on Bond

Luther Police Officer Anthony Butler was released from the Oklahoma County jail. His bond was $18,500. Butler was arrested Sunday night on several complaints: asssault and battery upon a police officer (misdeamenor) domestic abuse by strangulation two counts of misdemeanor domestic abuse in the presence of a minor child. Butler was suspended without pay from

“Luther Deserves Better”

Monday mornings are typically quiet in Luther. The cafe is open for the regulars including a group sharing coffee and Bible study together.  On a Monday, many of the local retailers on Main are closed, leaving the cafe, bank, the police department and Town Hall getting most of the traffic. There was plenty of activity at

Luther Officer Arrested

Luther Police responded Sunday night to a home of one of their own that led to an arrest of Officer Anthony Butler. He is in the Oklahoma County jail, accused of a variety of crimes including strangling his girlfriend while her children watched, according to police information. Butler is also accused of assault and battery

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