Arcadia Round Barn Dance to Honor Mr. Sam

UPDATE: May 24, 2024 – ARCADIA – Due to a troublesome weather forecast, the Arcadia Historical and Preservation Society has…

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Revving Up History: Route 66 Car Shows in Arcadia and Luther

Back-to-back Saturday Route 66 car shows in Luther and Arcadia welcome spring ... and chrome!

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Summer Surprise. The Chicken Shack Opens Pizza Shack

ARCADIA – Pizza Shack, the latest venture from the Chicken Shack, announces its grand opening on the iconic Route 66 in Arcadia. Strategically…

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Business Spotlight: Airosurf Communications

Infrastructure. In Luther, there’s a lot of planning, saving revenue, and searching for more funds to invest in infrastructure and…

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Arcadia Man Creates Custom Fishing Lures

ARCADIA – David Witte started making plastic fishing lures about three years ago, for himself and a few friends. But…

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Oklahoma Voters’ Advice For State Leaders: ‘I Don’t Think They’re Working Fast Enough’

By Oklahoma Watch Staff Oklahoma voters had plenty of advice for elected leaders Tuesday. On election day, June 28, Oklahoma…

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Thanks Chicken Shack

Say it isn’t so. We knew the closure of the Luther Chicken Shack was coming, but when I looked left…

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Ramblin’ Joe: Avoid Overthinking

"RESIST - Wasting time and effort on unneeded change. Go be happy. Be satisfied. Be good livers. Oh, yeah -…

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Happy Birthday Ramblin’ Joe

ARCADIA – Singer-songwriter Joe Baxter is about to turn 65, and he can’t think of a better way to celebrate…

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Ramblin’ Joe: The Summer Season on Route 66

"One of life's little truisms - If we aren't going forward, we're backing up!"

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