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This time, the Luther School Bond Election supporters won. According to uncertified results, voters approved the proposition with 69% of the vote, exceeding the required 60% supermajority for the first time in 12 years.

April 2, 2024, Luther School Bond Election (uncertified results)
754 VOTES | 521 YES | 233 NO

The bond projects include renovations and new construction for safe rooms, cafeterias, bathrooms, and other updates at the elementary and middle schools. The projects cost $28.6 million, funded with a 4.81% property tax increase. Voters denied a $43 million bond proposal last September that included these projects plus a new gymnasium. While the gym was not included in the bond proposal passed on Tuesday, school officials said the improvements were needed for safety and to enhance the learning experience. Some voters questioned the $10 million in costs that were not directly tied to the projects but rather would fund financing, interest, and fees.

Soon after the polls closed at 7 pm on April 2, 2024, results at the biggest precinct in the school district at the Luther Community Center were promising, with a 79% passage. Perhaps that was enough to hold the supermajority as other results rolled in. But the night was young. By 8:30 pm, as Oklahoma State Election Board online results populated, it became clear the proposal cleared and exceeded the 60% passage that had been denied in four previous elections in 2015, two in 2019, and 2023. While a couple of small precincts reported 100% Yes votes, in Logan County, the no votes took the edge.

Oklahoma State Election Board

Luther High School Senior Carter Boydston voted in her second election today. The 18-year-old cast her first ballot in last September’s bond election and voted again today, mere weeks before her graduation. “I voted because, as an LHS student, I see firsthand that the facilities are in desperate need of an upgrade, and I think it is important because students and staff need a safe place to go if there is a tornado during school hours.”

What’s next? No doubt, it will be booking contractors with the hope for some work to begin during the summer months. We’ll also figure out when the new property tax amounts will be assessed.

“I’m pumped,” said Town of Luther Board of Trustee member Jerrod Davis. As a father of two children, with his oldest at Luther Elementary, he is also passionate about helping Luther thrive with more businesses, jobs, and housing. “Hopefully, this is the start of something good!

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  1. And the town of Luther still loses thanks to a Communist newspaper editor who silences her opposition by not publishing comments. You work for the Town of Luther, an obvious conflict of interest and you’re very close to getting sued out of existence. Keep it up and see what happens.

    1. Not publishing comments, yet here I am replying to your comment. Hmm… must’ve been published. The editor of this newspaper no longer works for the town of Luther, but has and will continue to be a great asset to the town and our FORWARD progress.

  2. Forward progress??? Come on… it’s completely one sided. Actual reporting would be to talk to residents who pay taxes, who have children in the district not high schoolers that haven’t the slightest clue.

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