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Christmas Events Unite Oklahoma Route 66 Communities

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Route 66 – What happens when you get a group of Route 66 community cheerleaders together, give them free chicken, and let them dream? You get a miracle, an elf on a water tower, misfit toys, Whos, cowboys, a million twinkling lights, and unbridled joy for a 100-mile stretch of Route 66 for Oklahoma families to experience this holiday season.

Christmas is coming to the Oklahoma Route 66 Midpoint Corridor of Edmond, Arcadia, Luther, Wellston, Chandler, Davenport, Stroud, Depew, Bristow, and Sapulpa.

Meetings of the Midpoint Route 66 Association in Luther, Sapulpa and Arcadia.

As Association is Born

Earlier this year, Ed Gochenour, founder of the Chicken Shack and Route 66 visionary, brought together over 100 Route 66 stakeholders – including small-town mayors, chamber of commerce types, volunteers, nonprofit leaders, small business owners, journalists (that’s me), historians, and elected representatives to hear from Oklahoma’s Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell … and eat chicken and pecan pie. There was even a documentary crew to record it all. While the food was delicious, the vision shared by Pinnell and Gochenour about our beloved Route 66 was the real crowd-pleaser. The message delivered: get ready for company because they’re coming in 2026, from around the world!

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We start with Christmas!

“Our first major milestone is Christmas,” said Gochenour, a dedicated community developer. “We are elated to announce our unified front, with each town selecting a unique Christmas theme and extending support to each other.”

The holiday season tends to bring us together naturally. So, it was an easy sell for this fledgling association to join forces and create Christmas Route 66 attractions. We were inspired by the wildly popular Sapulpa Christmas Chute featured on the TODAY Show last year!

We caught the vision. Couples, groups of friends, families – maybe wearing ugly Christmas sweaters or matching pajamas – would cruise Route 66 by the carloads in search of the holiday spirit! In town after town, we’ll all enjoy twinkly holiday scenes featuring selfie spots galore, hospitality, eating, shopping, and hitting up attractions like the new Trail of Cheer in Luther at the Orchard on 66.

Planning, building, and fundraising are underway for the efforts. Here is a list of the progress so far:

Christmas on 66 Highlights (so far)

To Christmas and Beyond!

Among the association’s goals for this Christmas season and beyond are cross-promoting events, sharing news about our communities, and spiffing up our collective curb appeal.

“This dynamic association is wholly devoted to elevating the aesthetic of Route 66, encompassing our charming communities nestled between Tulsa, the capital city of Route 66, and Oklahoma City, the state’s capital,” said Gochenour.

Gochenour said the centennial celebration of Route 66 in 2026 will be an opportunity to showcase the rich history, culture, and scenic beauty that this iconic highway represents. The MidPoint Route 66 Association invites all stakeholders, businesses, and community members to join hands in this remarkable endeavor. Together, we can pave the way for an unforgettable journey along the Mother Road.

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  1. It’s amazing how Luther always manages to do the barest minimum while riding on the coattails of every one else’s success. OH LOOK AT US, WE ARE PARTICIPATING!!!

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