New Athletic Spectator Procedures for Luther Public Schools

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First thing on Monday morning, the Luther Emergency Management Team, including the police chief and fire chief, and Luther Public School officials met. They wasted no time with a goal to work out what future Friday Night Lights football games, and all athletic events, will look like following the tragic shooting at Choctaw High School’s game against Del City High School on Aug. 25. The tragedy left a 16-year-old student dead, others wounded, and all of us shaken.

As part of the larger Eastern Oklahoma County community, the mutual aid call sounded on the scanners last Friday night, “Send Units. Send Units.” Each agency, including Luther, showed up. Luther Police Chief Johnny Leafty and other members of LPD helped work the chaotic scene in Choctaw, bringing peace and order, and allowing the crucial crime investigation to commence. They’re the ones that run to, not away from, emergencies. The experience gave them valuable insight to bring home.

“When something like this happens, as tragic as it is, it creates new ways of working together,” said Chief Leafty.

Similar meetings happened between schools and law enforcement all over the state, even while politicians continued to crank out hand-wringing statements about senseless acts, thoughts and prayers. Sure, it’s nice to hear the big elected officials are paying attention, yet those statements didn’t come with immediate resources. Local schools and communities, in real time, are further stretching thin resources (the elected officials dole out), to put action behind the words to elevate safety, keep it fun for students and fans, and let the student athletes do their thing. Do you think there’s going to be some overtime hours involved for the badges, and others showing up as volunteers, going forward? You’d be right. Quick reminder, those Luther firefighters who post up at every home football game, and celebrate home touchdowns with lights and sirens, are volunteers.

This Friday night is not only the first Luther High School home football game against Perry but also Homecoming.

Monday morning’s meeting resulted in a gameplan, resulting in new policies and procedures.

Luther Public Schools Athletic Spectator Procedures

  • Metal detecting wands will be used
  • No Re-Entrance
  • Middle School and Elementary students must have a guardian present at the event for the duration of the event. All students must sit with their guardian for the duration of the game.
  • No bags permitted unless it is a clear tote (one per person)
  • Non-transparent clutches should not be large than 4.5 inches x 6.5 inches (one per person)
  • Bags necessary for approved medical equipment
  • Approved family care items (diapers, formula, etc.) must be included in the clear tote bag


Oklahoma prohibits possession of a firearm on any public or private school property.


  • Explosives, firearms, or weapons
  • Alcohol (in all forms)
  • Bags, backpacks, fanny packs, and hard binocular cases (ONLY clear bags allowed)
  • Balloons (unless it is part of a school-sponsored ceremony
  • Beach balls, footballs, balls, or other sporting equipment
  • Coolers, containers, or ice chests
  • Laser pointers
  • Pets (with the exception of registered service animals)

It’s a great day to be a Luther Lion! Luther Lions versus Perry, September 1, 2023. Gates open at 5 PM. The homecoming ceremony is at 6:30 PM. The game kick-off is at 7 PM.

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Pro-tip. Show up a little early for games and be patient during a check-in process that might take a little longer. (Pretend you’re at the airport). And be nice to the ticket-takers! Gates open at 5 PM.



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