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Have you ever wanted to serve in public office, but maybe didn’t want to campaign (those yard signs are expensive!)? Do you have an interest in putting your civic responsibility into action? Whether your family has been here for generations or you recently moved to Luther, there is an opportunity for you to make a difference and help. What if you could be appointed to fill out a term and then decide whether to run the race during the next municipal election?

Interested? Read on.

There’s an open seat on the Luther Town Board of Trustees following the resignation of Josh Rowton last month. The board is accepting letters of inquiry through Friday, July 7, at Noon for the open position. So far, there are zero applicants, which could mean a couple of things – word is not out, or no one wants to serve. Either way, we try again to spread the word.

Qualifications for a trustee include living within the 15.2 (mol) square miles of town limits and being a registered voter. Ideally, an applicant would also be willing to devote a few (or many) hours a month to the volunteer position.

Trustees meet monthly during a regular meeting on the second Tuesday at 7 pm, and often for a special meeting on the fourth Thursday. Trustees preside over the Town of Luther, Luther Public Works Authority, and the Luther Economic Development Authority.

Read a few more details on the Town website, and find out where to send your letter of interest (by Friday).

In addition, the Town Board is accepting letters of interest for an open seat on the Luther Parks Commission. This group also meets once a month and makes recommendations to the Board. Their steadfast work has made the recent improvements to Wildhorse Park possible!

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  1. I would be interested but… I do not live within town limits. I just live a little beyond.

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