Special Election Tuesday for Logan County Commissioner

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Fellow Logan County residents, did you know we have an election Tuesday? It’s to fill an unexpired District Two County Commission term. But it’s only for registered Republicans, as all of the candidates are Republicans and are vying to replace a (Republican) commissioner who resigned after embezzlement charges surfaced. I regret not covering the election beyond the scandal story. The June 13 date snuck up on me. I barely notice the one political sign on our dirt road that is now partially hidden by tall weeds, and covered in red dirt.

Thankfully the Guthrie News Page and Guthrie Chamber of Commerce sponsored a candidate forum. There is a recording of the event featuring candidates Floyd Coffman, Wayne Elder, and Charlie Meadows. They talked about the need for roadside ditches, the interchange at I-35 and Waterloo Road, the proper keeping and operation of road equipment, the too small county courthouse, and the 3/4 cent county sales tax set to expire in about 18 months. After watching, I’m just going to say it … any of the candidates would be okay. How’s that for an endorsement? Not that anyone is asking.

If I’m being honest, just about any story I intend to do about Logan County triggers writer’s block. I’m not sure if it’s because of complicated road funding (that does NOT come out of our property taxes), the on again off again now on again road project on Luther Road, or the suspicion that our corner of Logan County doesn’t matter to the folks in Guthrie running everything. For the record, our family loves living here. Give us our no-ditch-washboard-splotchy-graveled-red-dirt roads any day over being stuck in four-way stop one-lane commuter traffic closer to Edmond. The LoCo starry starry nights, birdsongs, some friendly neighbors, and quick-ish trips to Luther are other reasons!

The election is Tuesday, June 13. Did you receive new voter registration cards and notice our precinct changed again? If you used to vote at the Elks Lodge on Waterloo, now go to the Woodcrest Fire Department at Charter Oak and Douglas.

If you are unsure of your voter registration status, voting location, or party affiliation – visit the State of Oklahoma’s Voter Portal.

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