Two Luther Trustee Positions and a School Board Seat on April Ballot

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In April, registered voters in the Luther School District and Town of Luther will vote for a school board member and two town trustees.

Filing for one seat on the Luther Board of Education was in December. Two candidates filed, Brandon Rogers, 33, who currently holds the seat, and Charles DeFuria, 71. DeFuria, a former school board member, filed for a school board seat last year but withdrew when he ran unsuccessfully as a Republican for State House District 36.

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Filing for two positions on the Luther Town Board of Trustees is Feb. 6 – 8, 2023, at the Oklahoma County Election Board. Download election filing packets here.

Terms are concluding for Town Trustee Brian Hall and Jeff Schwarzmeier; neither has said publicly whether they will seek another term. They are part of a five-member board that governs the town, Luther Public Works Authority, and Luther Economic Development Authority.

Town Trustee Candidates must live within town limits, which roughly extend to the east side of Indian Meridian Road (north of Route 66) to the west, the south side of Coffee Creek Road to the north, the west side of County Line Road to the east, and a small part of NE 150th Street to the south.

The school district is larger than the town limits. While most of the school district is in Oklahoma County, extending to Arcadia to the west, the district also includes portions of Logan and Lincoln Counties. Only registered voters living within the town limits will vote for both a school board member and two trustees.

The school board and town trustee election is on April 4, 2023.

Note: the statewide election on State Question 820 to legalize marijuana is on March 7, 2023.

Both the school district and town are slated for growth. School board members and trustees serve without pay, and many devote many hours to their duties which include preparation, research, meeting attendance, and voting on items about policy, personnel, finances, programs, and more.

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