A Quick Email Exchange with the LPS Superintendent

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With the new academic year starting this week, the days are full for Superintendent Barry Gunn. But he was kind enough to swap some emails with The Luther Register today about the year ahead for Luther Public Schools.

New this year – additional School Resource Officers for one to be stationed at each of the three school buildings including Elementary, Middle School and High School. This came about over the summer following the horrific school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. The Luther Board of Education and the Luther Town Board of Trustees quickly worked up a plan to hire new SROs who students will meet this week.

Email swap with Supt. Gunn

  • Do you have a theme for the school year? 
  • More of a recurring theme. Building relationships, and serving our students’ needs. 
  • Seems like you are welcoming in a lot of new faculty and staff. How many new teachers are coming?
  • 9 total.  3HS, 4MS, 2ES.  We have in-service each morning Monday – Wednesday. Meet Your Teacher Tuesday evening from 6-8. Work in your room afternoons Monday – Wednesday.
  • What can you highlight about these days of training, planning, and getting rooms ready? 
  • The main highlight would be that we are fully staffed during a record time of teacher shortage.
  • What is a reminder about being watchful for buses, and school zones?
  • Buses will be rolling Thursday morning bright and early. Stop when lights are flashing. Watch for students who are walking, and slow down in school zones.
  • Are you pleased the expansion of the SRO program was fairly quickly approved with an agreement with the Luther Police Department, the town, and LPS?
  • We are very excited to have a school resource officer at every campus this year. We feel like this is a very big step in keeping our students and staff as safe as possible.
  • Looks like some gym improvements. What work was done there and elsewhere? 
  • We have renovated our lobby and restrooms at the gym. It isn’t any bigger, but it is a little prettier. We have done a lot of painting and replaced some flooring as needed at all of our other campuses.
  • And the bond issue for other needs? Is there a plan for another try? 
  • We have plans but are waiting, and hoping prices, interest rates, and supply chain issues will improve soon. 

Thanks Mr. Gunn. It will be a great year to be a Luther Lion!

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