NEW BUSINESS: Luther Lions Car Wash

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“We ripped out every single thing.”

Alan Cruce said the renovation was part of the process when he bought the Luther car wash earlier this year. In these days when it seems like everything costs more, and takes longer to be delivered, Cruce battled equipment delays but is happy to finally be open to build a new customer base in Luther.

The Luther Lions carwash opened officially in mid-July.

Fresh paint. Cleaned stalls. Spot-free rinse. Brand new hosing wands. And a modern payment kiosk that accepts cards or cash. Those are among the features of the re-opened carwash on Ash near the Post Office.

For Cruce, the investment in Luther as a business owner is part of a career shift.

“I retired from the corporate world – away from the fast pace and stress. I wanted to do something like this, visit with customers when I’m there, and see how I can help,” he said. Cruce has another car wash and recently opened the Exit 196 RV Park in Bristow.

Cruce said his crew checks on the Luther carwash for maintenance and clean up. He hopes customers will help take care of the place too.

From experience operating his other carwashes, he offers a few tips to keep a car wash working such as returning wands to their holders on the wall instead of leaving it on the ground, pushing back the booms back so your vehicle doesn’t rip out the hose when you drive out, and not sucking up things like broken glass or spilled paint that will destroy the new vacuums.

We can do that as customers, but can the car wash handle the dirt that cakes on vehicles from surrounding areas, especially Logan County? He said his bays can handle it, but asks customers to hose down the floor and push the dirt through the grates for the next customer. We can do that too.

Cruce is a small town fan, a Luther fan, and a small business owner looking for opportunities.

“What’s the need? If it’s something we can do, we are all in for it.”

Getting our vehicles clean at a nice carwash in town is one way! Congratulations on the opening!

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