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Don’t open the link. Don’t answer the call. These are pieces of advice given by Oklahoma County Deputy Tara Hardin as part of the SALT Program. She travels throughout Oklahoma County throughout the month, sharing information about scams, skimmers and other ways that Seniors or anyone could be victimized.

She is in Luther on the second Tuesday of the month at 12:30 pm. Catch her on Aug. 9, at Town Hall, 108 S. Main.

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Just this week, Luther Police Department reported getting a call from someone posing to be a collector and demanding money for an electric bill, threatening shutoff. That’s a scam. Call your power company directly if you receive a message. Look up the number on your bill, not from the information given to you via the call or text. And if a link is included in your text or email, do not open it.

Authorities say to NOT give bank account numbers or any other information to those calls. In fact, Dep. Hardin says, don’t even answer those calls or reply to those texts. As much as authorities and organizations try to stay on top of technology innovations, the dark side is always working to take advantage of us.

Information helps protect us, and is at least one effort to stay a step ahead.

If you can’t make it to the SALT meetings, Dep. Hardin also posts information on OCSO’s Facebook page.

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