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Theft at Historic Route 66 Threatt Filling Station

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The Luther Police Department responded to a theft at the historic Threatt Filling Station, on the eastern edge of town limits, early Wednesday. It was a heartbreaking discovery. Renovations began just a few weeks ago on the property listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Now this. The Luther Police Department posted this on their Facebook page as their investigation ensues and details are coming together.

From Luther Police Department: A lot of people in the Luther area recognize this building. Unfortunately, last night low life’s decided to break into Threatts Filling station and steal power tools. They stole a trailer and in the process drug metal fencing almost 3/4 a mile down County Line Rd to NE 178th. There they dropped the trailer and left the scene near County Line Rd and Hall Rd. Due to this being a Federally recognized historical building our agency has reached out to the Federal Bureau of Investigations. If you have any information contact our office.

Luther Police Department

Renovations began just weeks ago on the property.

The station was built more than 100 years ago by Allen Threatt who built the property into a successful destination and respite spot for travelers along the new Route 66. Through the 1950s, the station was one of a very few places on Route 66 where people of color were welcome during an age when African American children setting out on trips asked their parents why they needed to carry so much food and water, as well as toilet paper and empty jars. Black adults growing up along Route 66 in Chicago just “knew which stretches they weren’t allowed to use.”  The National Park Service listed the Threatt Filling Station on the National Register of Historic Places in 1995.

The Threatt Family has been steadfast in fundraising to restore the property and was thrilled to begin Phase One of the restoration, while carefully managing delays caused by the pandemic, plus increased construction and other costs. The family has a foundation, The Threatt Family Foundation, to accept donations.

This story will be updated.

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