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Call State Senators on the Transportation Committee if you want to be heard about the proposed North Turnpike Loop

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The Senate Transportation Committee will consider a bill during a Thursday meeting that would add language to add a toll road, extending north and west to I-35. HB 4088 was a late addition to the committee agenda for the meeting to be held at 1:30, April 7. Livestream the meeting here.

Toll Road Would Extend North and West to I-35

The measure adds language for one more toll road, extending north and west to I-35, as part of the statute authorizing the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority to build toll roads by acquiring private property (69 O.S. 2021, Section 1705).

Where would the route go? And when would it be built? Those are unanswered questions, made more murky with a recent Oklahoman article that indicated such a route would be in Arcadia, not Luther near the terminus of the Kickapoo, or east of that where there is less population. Conjecture abounds.

The Luther Register reported, State Rep. Kevin Wallace defended his proposed addition to the turnpike on the House floor on March 7. He said it was to address future growth, and indicated it might be 15 years before it would be constructed. He id not say what path the connector toll road would take, however, he said he would like the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, as soon as possible, to outline the route to offer preparedness to those who might eventually lose their homes and land.

The measure passed the full House and has its first appearance in the Senate during the Thursday committee meeting. Incidentally, the Senate author of the house bill is Rep. Wallace’s counterpart on the most powerful and influential committees in the legislature. Wallace is chair of the House Appropriations Committees and Sen. Roger Thompson chairs Senate appropriations.

All the Attention is to the South

Meanwhile, most of the attention on toll roads currently is on the significant controversy to the south of us for the authorized construction of the extension of the Kickapoo Turnpike that would begin in Newalla, extend through Norman and meet I-35 at Purcell, as part of the “Access Oklahoma” project.

A state capitol rally brought hundreds of protestors against more toll roads, especially the announced south Kicakpoo Turnpike extension through Norman.

Incidentally, The Luther Register first reported the Access Oklahoma projects from the aspect of its effect on eastern Oklahoma County, including a new exit at Post Road on the Turner Turnpike, as well as a widening of the entire tollway between Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Meanwhile, up to 600+ private properties could be lost to the southern Kickapoo route.

Contact members of the Senate Transportation Committee if you have questions or concerns about the North Loop bill:

  • Sen. Rob Standridge, chair
  • (405) 521-5535
  • Sen. Michael Bergstrom, vice chair
  • (405) 521-5561
  • Sen. Kim David, R
  • (405) 521-5590
  • Sen. Mark Allen, R
  • (405) 521-5576
  • Sen. Bill Coleman, R
  • (405) 521-5581
  • Sen. John Haste, R
  • (405) 521-5602
  • Sen. Kevin Matthews, D
  • (405) 521-598
  • Sen. Casey Murdock, R
  • (405) 521-5626
  • Sen. Roland Pederson, R
  • (405) 521-5630
  • Sen. George Burns, R
  • (405) 521-5614
  • Sen. Warren Hamilton, R
  • (405) 521-5604
  • Sen. Jo Anna Dossett, D (405) 521-5624
  • Sen. Cody Rogers, R
  • (405) 521-5600
  • Sen. Jessica Garvin, R
  • (405) 521-5522


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