Luther’s Mayor Has Connection to OKC Mayoral Candidate

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On Tuesday night, Luther Mayor Terry Arps is scheduled to be at Town Hall for a public meeting and the regular February meetings of the Board of Trustees. It’s election day for many surrounding municipalities and school districts, including Oklahoma City where Mayor Arps’ son-in-law and daughter will be keenly watching election returns in the mayoral race.

If you’ve seen the “Urbanic for Mayor” campaign sign on Arps’ vehicle around town, you might have wondered about the connection. It’s family. Frank Urbanic is married to Terry and Starlene’s daughter, Audra. Urbanic is among three candidates challenging the sitting mayor, David Holt, in the race to lead Oklahoma City.

Frank and Audra Urbanic, with their twin girls and son. Photo from

“I am proud of the challenge Frank and Audra have accepted; I have always been supportive and am confident in both Frank’s abilities and his character. His legal defense of clients from across the social spectrum shows his commitment to equal justice under the law, and his case to protect business owners in OKC confirms his dedication to fulfill the Oath of Office he took as an Officer in the US Air Force,” said Arps.

Luther Mayor Terry Arps places campaign signs for his son-in-law Frank Urbanic who is running for OKC mayor.

Urbanic said that many voters who live in the Luther area are actually residents of Oklahoma City, a city that spans 620 square miles. He encourages them to vote.

“It’s sad that those are the type of people who are ignored by our current leadership in Oklahoma City. We need to refocus our government on what we’re doing for all of Oklahoma City, not just downtown,” said Urbanic.

By the way, Luther does not have a town trustee election this year. A school board election will be held in April. The Luther Register will cover the Feb. 8 Luther Public Meeting and Town Board meetings, and stream them on Facebook.

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Photo from Terry Arps.

If elected, Urbanic said the family connection would definitely help Luther. “There would be a direct line of communication!” 

Audra said her husband and her dad are quite similar and even discovered that they each had the same position on an AWACS crew at different times when they were in the Air Force. “Not just the same plane, but the same job.”

She describes neither her Dad nor her husband as politicians but as persons who take the “bull by the horns” when they see a need. “I was not surprised at all that my Dad would get involved with the town, even though he’s retired. He is the Eliot Ness of Luther. He is incorruptible. When he sees a need, he helps,” said Audra who has three sisters and a brother.

“I’m sure there are many people who would make a good mayor, but the one you have now works hard and wants to help,” Audra said she hopes Luther grows financially. “It’s such a slice of Americana, right off of Route 66. We love coming out.” 

She said her husband represents normal people. “Frank, without question, is the most qualified candidate, unless someone is looking for a lifetime politician. I don’t think Oklahoma City needs that anymore,” she said.

On election night, Luther Mayor Arps said he’ll catch up with the family after his meetings. He has no predictions about the outcome, except to quote his father who used to sing the 1950s song, “Que será será.” Whatever will be, will be.

“Frank will make a great mayor,” said the mayor and FIL from the town next door.

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