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Disc Golf Yes | Motocross No

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The Luther Town Board said yes to a plan to bring a Disc Golf course to Wildhorse Park. They said no to a zoning request to build a motocross south of town several residents protested about noise, traffic and other complaints about such an operation in their quiet area. Trustees said yes to a future bed and breakfast, and they want some more information before granting a zoning request for a daycare expansion.

Those were some of the highlights of the first of two January meetings at Town Hall. The other hot topic, the fire subscription rates, was also discussed with trustees agreeing to hold a public meeting on the controversial matter, Feb. 8 at 5 pm, with all residents invited who live in the fire district that extends beyond the official town limits, but not quite as big as the sprawling school district.

As indicated Beth Anne Childs, town attorney, provided a legal opinion after citizens’ questions on the legal stance of whether the town has the authority to ask for a mandatory fee. Click here or see below for the opinion.

Disc Golf is Coming

Disc golf is one of the fastest-growing recreational sports in the U.S. The 12-hole course at Wildhorse Park will be developed by Friends of the Park, a nonprofit organization. With momentum high with the course approval, Friends quickly sold all available basket sponsorships, much to their grateful surprise, and made plans to build the course in advance of a hoped-for March opening, and maybe even a tournament this spring. The first workday was held Jan. 23, and two more are planned Jan. 29 and Feb. 6.

Patrick Proc presents to the Luther Town Board about a Disc Golf Course. Friends of the Park volunteers at the Luther Pecan Festival. Tyler Snedeker, Randy LeBlanc, Carly Snedeker and Proc pose after LeBlanc donated to the Disc Golf Project. LeBlanc had attended back-to-back town meetings seeking approval for his future bed and breakfast construction on his newly purchased home site near Route 66 and Dobbs.

A Decided NO to Motocross

Residents raising thoroughbred horses, a couple planning to build a retirement home and build a farm, and residents who’ve lived in Luther for 40+ years were among those who showed up at a Planning Commissioner meeting to lodge protests against a proposed motocross track on land for sale on the south side of 178th Street near Dobbs Road (the location of the no closed “Dead Woods Haunted Forest,” for those who remember.

Luther Town Board, Jan. 2022.
Josh Rowton, (Mayor) Terry Arps, Dr. Jeff Schwarzmeier, Carla Caruthers. (Trustee Brian Hall was absent).

The planning commissioners listened to the comments that mostly focused on loud engine noise plus other disruptions to their rural part of life for the 40 or so properties within earshot. One said that they already put up with the noise of the Turner Turnpike, and don’t want this too.

The planning commission denied the zoning request, and the next night, the Town Board did as well.

Incidentally, representatives of the company that proposed the motocross that included an RV park didn’t show up to the meetings. It could have been because Tulsa was about to host the Chili Bowl , described by Tulsa Mayor GT Bynum who praised the event in a Facebook post. Bynum posted, “Tulsa is the center of the motor racing universe! The Chili Bowl Nationals are bringing competitors from 38 states and 5 countries, fans from every state in the nation, and an economic impact for our community of over $30 million!”

No surprise the post comments on the Tulsa motocross event were largely critical, with some praise. Still, the ability to host an event that might bring $30 million to a local economy certainly requires lots of infrastructure readiness and community support.

It appears quiet Disc Golf is more the speed for Luther, at least for now. In his zoning application to build a small short-term rental (air B & B) on the property where he also plans to build a new home, Randy LeBlanc said he is excited to move to Luther. He noted the opportunity to help fill a gap in overnight accommodations and other hospitality services to augment the local event venues that bring in wedding guests and other visitors, and the opportunity to welcome Route 66 travelers from around the U.S. and around the world.

Fire Subscription Legality Report

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  1. After reading all the legalese, it seems those in unincorporated OK Co’s governing body is the OK Co Commissioners and therefore the town of Luther doesn’t have the authority to just demand payment and must negotiate with said commissioners.

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