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Town Clerk Election Coming Up … again

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By Luther Mayor Terry Arps.

The Town of Luther Board of Trustees voted unanimously at their August 26, 2021, meeting to hold a special election to change the Town Clerk/Treasurer to an appointed position.  The Clerk/Treasurer is an elected position.  The unexpected resignation of the prior Town Clerk/Treasurer highlighted several advantages to having the position be appointed.

Presently, the Clerk/Treasurer must be a resident of Luther.  That creates serious limitations in a town of our size, including finding individuals who are (1) willing, (2) available and, (3) qualified to fill the position.  Appointment of a Clerk/Treasurer rather than election affords an opportunity for the Board to find a candidate that has the education, training, and experience in administration and finance.   

The Board came to its decision to seek an appointed Clerk/Treasurer after much consideration.  Please remember to vote on November 9th.

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: The above column was submitted from Mayor Arps to the Luther Register to raise awareness about the upcoming election, Nov. 9, 2021, for registered voters in the town limits. Low voter turnout and lack of awareness have been attributed as reasons a similar measure failed at the ballot box earlier this year. The Luther Register accepts submitted articles for consideration.

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