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The following was submitted from Luther Mayor Wm. Terry Arps. It’s some good news about what lies beneath Luther, those pipes that carry away the waste, not to be confused with the pipes that bring fresh water to the faucets. Never the two should meet. Here’s your infrastructure news for the day.

By Luther Mayor Wm. Terry Arps

One of the Town of Luther’s biggest needs and challenges is the replacement of aged sewer lines that are failing. It is a common occurrence for Public Works to respond weekly to clear or make temporary repairs to sewer lines in town.

Luther Mayor Terry Arps

Good News

On Friday, 3 September, after months of anticipation, the Town Manager was notified that the Town was awarded a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for slightly less than $140,000 that will be combined with $100,000 from the Town to replace three sections of the most trouble-prone areas of sewer line.  Now that adequate monies for the project have been secured, federally required studies that must precede the project can be conducted, engineering completed and the bid process to select a contractor initiated.

When completed the frequent stoppages that have plagued the residents on the replaced lines will be a thing of the past and the time saved by not having to respond to calls for help can be used for other needed Public Works projects.

Thanks go to our Town Manager, Scherrie Pidcock, who was instrumental in the award of the grant.  Not resting after this success, she has just submitted the application for another much-needed sewer project.

 I look forward to the day in the foreseeable future when aging infrastructure is no longer an issue for Luther.

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