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New Fitness Studio Opens on Luther’s Main Street

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There are two rules at Studio 107 J’s Place.

  • Don’t judge.
  • Have fun.

The new fitness studio is open with an August roster of classes (see below). Find Luther’s newest business on Main Street, on the west side along the stretch of businesses that includes Allan Booher’s CPA office, Boydston-Bailey Funeral Home and Main Street Nutrition. The business owner is Luther native BreAnne Reece, and her husband, Chris. She taught fitness classes when they lived in Kentucky a few years ago. Her Cardio Drumming class was a big hit there, and she was hooked.

The idea to duplicate that success in her hometown has been a goal. During the last year that business idea lay dormant as the Reece family grieved the death of their oldest son in June 2020. But as life moves on, and the grief gradually becomes part of the day, the timing recently came together, along with a vacant building. Studio 107 J’s Place was born. The “J” in the name stands for Jaden, their son.

“When I taught in Kentucky, he ran all the music and lights! Ran the welcome booth to get waivers signed and people signed in, and made sure all the ladies had drinks during class!” The studio’s logo features a halo over the J, for a tender tribute.

Jaden and his mom in Kentucky.

On the evening of the inaugural class last Thursday, more than a dozen students ventured in carrying water bottles, wearing workout clothes, and ready for a new adventure.

Students picked a station that had a bucket, exercise ball, and drumsticks.

The lights went down, the music turned up, the stretching began and it was time. With music that ranged from country, pop, Spanish and “thug life,” the routines began. The students followed BreAnne as best as they could with giggles and free-styling. They tapped their drumsticks together, against the ball, raising them overhead, and behind their backs, all while getting into the beat of the music, while lifting their knees if they were feeling it, and maybe doing a squat here and there. The no judgement zone was in full swing. So was the fun, for any fitness level or groove.

Note the group photo was taken AFTER the first Cardio Drumming class, and everyone is smiling. That’s a good sign.

BreAnne explains that her two rules setup the vibe. “Rule # 1, the studio is a no judgement zone. We will not judge others and most importantly you will not be allowed to judge yourself. Rule #2, have fun. Nobody likes working out but everyone likes to have fun.”

BreAnne reece, founder, studio 107 J’s place

Incidentally, an exercise facility of any kind is always at the top of any wish list of businesses for our tiny town that comes up from time to time on social media. So does an auto parts store and a bowling alley.

For now, we have a Fitness Studio. In addition to the cardio drumming classes, a youth cheer class is on the roster, and a line dancing class. And a yoga class is on the way. Instructors who are interested in a class should contact BreAnne at Studio 107 J’s Place.

Starting any new business is a big deal. It takes courage, planning, money, passion and a belief your community will support you. Congratulations to the Reece family for starting a new thing! Jaden would be proud!

The first class is free. After that, it’s $3 per class. Remember to bring extra cash for the instructor tip jar. Seems like a good idea to apply BreAnne’s rules when we leave the studio and head back out to life. Don’t judge and have fun!

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