Meet New Luther School Board Member Dr. Rosemarie Strong

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Luther—Dr. Rosemarie Strong is the newest member of the Luther Board of Education. She was appointed by four board members during the September monthly meeting to fill a vacancy left when Tony Rumpl, elected in 2017, moved out of the school district and resigned the position.

Strong, a veterinarian, has taken an active role in serving her community, as chronicled over the years in The Luther Register. She has served on the Luther Parks Commission and was on the organizing team of the successful Free Wheel event in Luther in 2018, along with intense efforts to raise funds to improve Wildhorse Park.

An avid runner, she was spearheading plans for Wildhorse 5K and Fun Run that was to be held in April. A fundraiser for the park, she was organizing the race with a team that included now retired LPS Track and Cross Country Coach Stan Higdon. The race, like so many things, was sidelined due to Covid-19. Plans are to hold the event when the time is right.

Now, she has taken on the role of serving on the Luther Board of Education. She explains there are five reasons she is doing it, her grandchildren.

I hope as I serve on the school board to try and navigate with a challenging budget the concerns of school safety and technology that will benefit our teachers and students. We are trying to prepare our students for life.

Dr. Rosemarie Strong, Luther Board of Education

Dr. Strong answered a few questions for The Luther Register about those five reasons and more.

Meet Dr. Rosemarie Strong

“I applied to to serve on the Luther School Board for five incredible reasons … my grandkids –  Michael 8, Gabriel 5, Lily 3, Judah 1, and Asher due in December!

I have really enjoyed the town of Luther these last 4 1/2 years. It’s been a blessing to meet so many wonderful people and I started volunteering with the Luther Parks Commission.  We have a great group of local leaders whose goal is to improve and promote our town.  My  daughter and son-in-law joined me here in Luther in April of 2019.  The oldest grandsons started attending Luther Schools in the Fall of 2019. 

I practice veterinary medicine at Memorial Road Pet Hospital in Edmond, OK.  As I reminisce about my school years, I look back at the impact my teachers had on my life and career.  I specifically reflect on my public school elementary and high school teachers.  When I was preparing to graduate with my DVM, I hunted down my 4th grade teacher to let her know that she was the main reason I was getting ready to graduate with a post graduate degree.  Sadly, she was no longer teaching.  The stress from certain students and parents caused her to leave the profession.  She cried and was grateful that I had found her to let her know she had made a difference.

My advice to parents is to simply love and encourage your kids.  I struggled so much with school, but so many were there to cheer me on and let me know I could do whatever I dreamed.  To students I would simply say it’s not the smartest, the most popular, the richest that make it … it’s the student who is most DETERMINED.

COVID-19 has certainly turned our lives upside down.  The main thing for all to remember is that our school leaders are committed to doing the best they can to keep our teachers and students safe.   Leaders may not make perfect decisions, but they are making decisions out of care and concern for all.

I hope as I serve on the school board to try and navigate with a challenging budget the concerns of school safety and technology that will benefit our teachers and students. We are trying to prepare our students for life.  There are so many different future opportunities now available for them…college, trade school, mentorships/apprenticeships, military service, etc.  

I am now in the process of learning about serving on a board with state funding, state laws, state requirements.  Superintendent Gunn’s office has been extremely helpful.  I am very motivated to serve well – after all, at the end of the day, I have 5 important people to answer to…Michael, Gabriel, Lily, Judah and Asher!”

Dr. Rosemarie Strong
Luther Parks Commission at the OK Free Wheel event in 2018. Jenni White, Kasey Wood, Summer Shelton, Rosemarie Strong, Ashlee Webster and Chris Ivich.

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