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Upcoming Event: The Mentalist in Luther

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Luther—How about a night out? Dinner. Drinks. Friends. Entertainment. Opus Entertainment is offering a social distance friendly evening at Broken Horn Ranch featuring nationally recognized voice over artist and illusionist Connor Quinn.

The best part is the event will be on Thursday, September 17, keeping our hectic calendars clear for Friday night football and other weekend activities. And no worries, we’ll be on our way home by 9 pm for work on Friday. And if you need childcare, Apple Creek Gang will be open to keep the kids while mom and dad have a night out.

Who could use a night out?
How long has it been?


Stephanie and Josh Smith of Opus Entertainment are organizing the event, as part of their passion to bring quality entertainment to our town. The “Not So Clear Event” will be held inside one of Luther’s beautiful event venues. The Broken Horn Ranch is on Luther Road, just north of historic Route 66 and sits on the banks of the Deep Fork River.

Josh who performs at events first met up with Connor Quinn on the entertainment circuit at various events, back before Covid-19 shut down going out as we used to do. Josh was impressed.

“You have NEVER seen anyone as talented as Connor Quinn. He started his career at age six with appearances on shows such as Little House on the Prairie AND Sesame Street. One thing you don’t about him is what he has up his sleeve next. Even though you are going to be on the edge of your chair the entire evening, there is much more than just a show with this event,” said Josh.

Connor’s MindGames is an entertaining evening of fun and surprises. He seems to pluck thoughts right out of the air. He tells one guest when their mom’s birthday is, and another guest their celebrity crush. One thought after another, each released almost out of thin air. 

The open bar will be open before and after the performance with lots of time for one-on-one time with Connor. “In my opinion, the one-on-one time is the most amazing part of his show. He can focus directly on each guest,” said Josh.

Enjoy a fast-paced and extremely interactive one-man mind reading show that you don’t want to miss. The event is also brought to us with Oklahoma Title and Closing Company, Inc.

For tickets, call 405-412-3394.
Not So Clear Event
Thursday, September 17
6 – 9 pm
Tickets are $50 each.


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