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Update on Covid-19 and LRN

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Luther, OK, August 18, 1999– Have you wondered where we’ve been? The Luther Register has been slim on stories lately. Hopefully you’ve noticed. Your editor has taken a job in the city is the short story. It’s full-time and is taking just a wee bit of adjustment in time, brain power and energy. You remember starting a new job? Intense and exciting.

I’ve spent nearly five years building this website as a business for community news. But the business is not paying the bills, try as I might, and for all of the asking readers to support it nominally. That is not to say that we have zero support. We have supporters who will give one-time and monthly! And faithful advertisers like The Chicken Shack and Farmstead Cafe! THANK YOU! You are a balm and your support helps “keep the lights on” at Luther Register. By “lights” I mean subscriptions, hosting services, gas, wifi, equipment, and those sorts of things. Also coffee. We are a lean shop. But the idea that we’d cover low overhead and pay ourselves was lofty, for now. That’s the short story. The future of Luther Register? That depends on you.

Let’s ponder that awhile. Meanwhile, I have a few minutes to post the latest Covid-19 numbers for our area and surrounding towns. This comes as the entire fifth grade and a second grade class is under quarantine, a result of apparent positive Covid-19 cases at Luther Public Schools. Wouldn’t you know it, that first positive test popped on the very first day of school last Thursday? We have deep respect for everyone doing the best they can to adhere to policies and testing them in real life. One thing is for sure, everyone is learning as we all course through this pandemic. My hope is that we would be patient with each other. Who has had enough of the meanness? Aren’t most of us, really, just doing the best we can?

May we all be resilient, patient and thoughtful. May we smile and laugh as often as we can and never quit on seeking truth. And may we stay well and take our health and good habits seriously and improve on them where we can. Also, anyone have a good source on a digital thermometer?

Here are the numbers for August 18,2020.

LocationNumber of Total CasesNumber of Active Cases
Midwest City11019
August 18, 2020
Letter posted on the FB group, Concerned Parents in Luther Public Schools

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