To Mask or Not at Luther Public Schools

And a school board vacancy

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UPDATED, Wed., July 29 to reflect meeting time and agenda of the Luther Public School board meeting.

Luther—A special meeting of the Luther School Board will be held Thursday at 2 pm about whether masks will be required when school is scheduled to begin on August 13, 2020.

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The agenda posted on Wednesday morning.

  1. Discuss and take action to purchase Dell Chromebooks from the State Vendor List with CARES Act Funds.
  2. Discuss and take action to approve Luther Public Schools COVID-19 School Plan for the 2020-2021 school year.
  3. Discuss and take action on the Superintendent’s recommendation for the following mask policy for students and staff for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year, due to ongoing COVID-19


The Luther Register has requested copies of the proposed mask policy and the school plan, as they were not included in the agenda posting.

Superintendent Barry Gunn said the special meeting will allow a “final decision” that will then be communicated to his school community about whether students, staff and faculty will be required to wear masks. Although in June, he said masks would likely not be required. Certainly, the situation surrounding Covid-19 and public education is a moving target.

There will be one less board member helping to make that decision at that special meeting. Tony Rumpl, elected in 2017, resigned this month after he moved out of the district.

Supt. Gunn is accepting applications for the board vacancy. The remaining board members will interview and select that person; instead of district voters. A new board member is expected to be appointed at the September 2020 regular school board meeting. Other board members are Coach Marcellus Fields (also appointed), Brandon Rogers, Kevin Boydston and Steve Broudy.

Here is the application to apply for the board vacancy.


Mr. Gunn said that high school students will be able to choose the blended option of traditional and virtual school and may participate in extracurricular activities. However, he said that option, to participate in virtual school and athletics or other activities, is not available for younger students because of transportation and other issues.

The school district’s website has other information including enrollment information.

Oklahoma Open Meetings law requires a special meeting to have 48 hours advance notice to the public.

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