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“Keep the Prayers Coming,” Luther Resident Battles Covid-19

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Luther, July 16, 2020—Jodi Wilkerson had been in a 14-day self-lockdown with family members after they became ill and suspected they had Covid-19. She tested positive officially on July 14, and was hospitalized Wednesday with a lung infection. The Luther resident is one of four members of the community with an active case, according to Oklahoma State Department of Health information.

Wilkerson. 57, told The Luther Register that she has no idea where she got the virus. The severity of symptoms for herself, her daughter and son-in-law has varied, but include severe headaches, coughing, congestion, loss of taste, fever and fatigue.

Luther resident Jodi Wilkerson has Covid-19 and is hospitalized in Stillwater with a lung infection, she told The Luther Register.

“The test is and was a horrible experience for me. My nose is very sensitive. They take a swab up your nose to the very back to the sinus cavities and keeps it there for 15 seconds and every 5 seconds they turn it and push it again. Then repeat other side. It burns from the back of your nose to your throat. It can bleed or make you sneeze when done. It takes 48 to 72 hours to get results,” she said was tested on July 11 and her positive test result came back on July 14.

“To be honest the actual influenza isn’t as bad as the corona. Now that I’ve had both. At least I can get a flu shot to protect me from getting it as bad as if I would get it. There is no medication for treatment unless you get a lung infection like I did. Other than that you quarantine yourself at home and hope for the best. I am staying with my youngest daughter and both her and her husband have it also. I got it first or I guess we all came down with it about the same time,” Wilkerson said.

She thanks her family and friends for the praying for her recovery. “Keep them coming!”

Number for July 15, 2020 from the Oklahoma State Department of Health

  • As of this advisory, July 15, 2020, there are 22,813 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in Oklahoma. 
  • There are four additional deaths; none occurred in the past 24 hours.
    • One in Creek County, one male in the 65 or older age group. 
    • One in Kay County, one male in the 65 or older age group.   
    • One in Oklahoma County, one male in the 65 or older age group. 
    • One in Tulsa County, one female in the 65 or older age group. 
  • There are 432 total deaths in the state.
  • For more information, visit
Town/CityTuesday’s Number (July 14)Wednesday’s Number (July 15)Number of Active Cases
Midwest City596318
Logan County10111141
Lincoln County474914
Oklahoma County525955911439 (July 15, 2020)
*The total includes laboratory information provided to OSDH at the time of the report. Total counts may not reflect unique individuals. 
**This number is a combination of hospitalized positive cases and hospitalized persons under investigation, as reported by hospitals at the time of the report. The data reflect a change in calculation and should not be compared to prior data. 
***The purpose of publishing aggregated statistical COVID-19 data through the OSDH Dashboard, the Executive Order Report, and the Weekly Epidemiology and Surveillance Report is to support the needs of the general public in receiving important and necessary information regarding the state of the health and safety of the citizens of Oklahoma. These resources may be used only for statistical purposes and may not be used in any way that would determine the identity of any reported cases.
Data Source: Acute Disease Service, Oklahoma State Department of Health.
*As of 2020-07-15 at 7:00 a.m.

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