Luther Teen Killed in Accident

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Luther, June 27, 2020—Tragedy struck early Saturday morning in Luther when one male teenage driver was killed, and a teenage female was injured in a one-vehicle accident.

The accident was called in just before 7 am Saturday, according to reports. The car, a 2017 Challenger, driven by the 17-year-old driver was westbound on Covell, between Triple X and Indian Meridian, and left the roadway, careening through a ditch, before coming to rest in the middle of a field.

Pieces of the vehicle were strewn in all directions.

The female occupant of the car was treated and released for arm injuries, and the young man died at the scene.

As news spreads of the accident, we are proceeding gently with the identity of the identity of the victim, while family members and friends are notified. And hearts break.

We are in contact with the family, and will identify the young man when the family allows the news, as a courtesy to them. Thank you for understanding. By now, it is likely that those who know the family, and the many friends of the young man who was a student at Luther High School, already are reeling with the tragic news. Many are seeking ways to minister to this family, as we do when terrible things happen. Many already are doing so.

The letter from Luther Public Schools circulated on social media on Saturday.

Excessive speed is listed as the cause of the accident, according to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

What Happened: Vehicle – 1 was west bound at a high rate of speed on Covell when it lost control. Vehicle – 1 departed the roadway to the right rolling multiple times coming to rest on its wheels. Driver was ejected 165 feet from the vehicle. 

Oklahoma Highway Patrol news release

Agencies that responded included the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, also assisted by Luther Police Department, Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department, Luther Fire Department, and Midwest City EMS.  

Tragedies such as this remind us of the fragility of life, and the professionalism and compassion of emergency responders and investigators. After the highway patrol, medical examiner and others left the scene, the tow truck operator and volunteers from Luther Fire Department carefully collected pieces of the vehicle and commented on how tough this day had begun.

Crushed glass at the scene of the accident, in the shape of a rear view mirror.

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  1. An unimaginable tragedy. Thank you for showing kindness to these families by not naming the victims. Prayers for all.

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