Plan A, Plan B & Plan Covid-19 for Luther Public Schools

Highlights from June LPS Meeting

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Luther—Luther Public School Superintendent Barry Gunn told his school board at its June 8, 2020, meeting “this is my job now, dealing with Covid-19” every day. It was his light way of communicating the intensity of planning for a new school year during a pandemic. There’s contingency planning for every scenario, multiple zoom meetings with education officials and fellow superintendents, and his teachers, plus even pushing aside the inundation of sellers trying to sells masks, “in every color” on his work email.

There have been some diversions of normalcy. He has enjoyed sitting in on interviews for a new Agriculture teacher to succeed Reba McCarty. She spent one year in Luther, right out of college, and took a job closer to family; her official resignation was accepted last night.

For now, looks like LPS will develop its own combination of abiding by recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, Oklahoma State Department of Education and common sense. The OSDE plans, “Return to Learn,” he said, grow every day as the Luther Register reported last week.

Masks no. Disenfectant yes. Early start of the school year no. Developing a blended school calendar with some distance learning, probably. Disinfectant and sanitizer yes. Daily temperature taking, yes.

Still, a lot can happen before August 13, the planned first day of the LPS 2020-21 school year. Athletes are the test case, nearly a third of the high school students are participating in summer workouts that began on June 8, all athletes from all sports together – cross country, football, cheer, etc., out on the school grounds. Gunn said that’s Phase One and Phase Two when teams can practice together will come next, with Phase Three being a return to competition against other schools. For now, no school groups leave the campus and no other school comes to visit.

LPS Board Meeting Highlights

  • Graduation for Class of 2020 is June 25
  • Pre-K Enrollment is June 25 morning
  • Hired: LHS Alum Tyler Snedeker as Teacher/Coach

The Luther Register was at the meeting. School Board member Tony Rumpl was absent, but the other four members, Mr. Gunn. Ms. Jane who takes minutes and other visitors spread out around the board room.

Catch up with a sort of play-by-play on the June Luther School Board meeting through this FB post.

Click on the post to read through the comments.

What do you think of the play-by-play via Facebook during meetings? On one hand, it’s a handy tool for Luther Register to share information from meetings in real time. That saves reporting resources (and honestly helps me stay focused and very in-tune with the agenda). And it assures that I get some information out to you, dear readers. Otherwise, after meetings I have to transcribe notes, maybe do a little fact checking, develop graphics and images and then write. Those end up being short sleep nights on meeting days. On the other hand, using Facebook so much requires readers to have a FB account, unless I excerpt it here in stories. Related, congratulations to everyone who resists getting on Facebook!

We will try it again Tuesday night for the expected marathon meeting of the Luther Town Board on June 9.

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