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Lincoln County OnStage Offers Life Imitates Art Contest

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Chandler – As another week begins of at-home school and shelter-at-home for many during the coronavirus crisis, Lincoln County On-Stage is offering an activity to get your creative juices flowing, and maybe even win some money. The community theatre group in Chandler has a Life Imitates Art contest for anyone to join.

Here’s what you do. Search for a piece of art in a book, online or even hanging on your wall, maybe it’s a painting you’ve seen at a local museum, sculpture or any piece of art from anywhere around the world. Select a piece that either speaks to you in some way, or could be easily recreated with items around your house.

Using your imagination, your family, pets, and items you have around the house, re-create the work of art. Take a digital photo of your creation. Then text or email your side-by-side photos of the original piece and your own rendition. Deadline is Friday at Noon.

Recreating Klimt. The KISS by Gustav Klimt. Stan and Dawn Shelton “tried” recreating their favorite painting using his grandmother’s treasured quilts. There were a lot of giggles.

The contest is open to anyone who wants to enter – no need to live in Lincoln County!  To enter the contest, people need to text the original artwork and their recreation to (405) 659-8589 or email it to  Entries must be received by noon on April 17.

The idea for the contest comes from Trish Lenora, treasurer of Lincoln County On-Stage. Her grandson’s art teacher had such a contest for students working at home. It inspired Trish to also offer a contest to the public. As musical director of GODSPELL, Lenora had been in rehearsals since February with the cast for the musical. The show was canceled just days before opening night in March, canceled as the Covid-19 began spreading.

“I feel that it is vitally important to be creative during this time when we are so isolated. Our everyday lives have been dramatically changed with social distancing and sheltering in place. I think finding creative outlets is so important for our mental well-being, and it provides an opportunity to connect with others online, to keep our spirits up, and to learn a little bit about ourselves in the process,” she said.

From Instagram, inspiration for the Life Imitates Art Contest.

The Life Imitates Art Contest is not just to learn about art and pass the time, the contest also comes with cash prizes.

First Place – $150
Second Place – $100
Third Place – $50

Lenora said the prize money was donated. Winners will be announced on the Lincoln County On-Stage Facebook Group on April 19.

From #gettymuseumchallenge, a recreation of Andrew Wyeth’s “Cristina’s World.”


Lincoln County On-Stage has been operating since 1980 with three shows per season. Anyone interested in being in a show or helping with anything from backstage to ushering should check the LCOS Facebook page or website at

Lincoln County On-Stage is part of the Deep Fork District of OK 66. Formed in 2020, the Deep Fork District includes Arcadia, Luther, Wellston, Warwick, Chandler, Davenport and Stroud. The entertainment district offers many activities including theatre, shopping, dining and exploring all along beautiful Highway 66. The Deep Fork District will be ready to re-welcome visitors once when shelter-at-home orders are lifted.

Tickets for shows are $8 for students and adults 55 and older. General admission tickets are $10.  Season tickets are $20 for students and adults 55 and older, and $25 for all others. LCOS also offer membership packages starting at $50 per season, which offer a few perks like priority seating. Anyone wanting a membership brochure mailed to them can send an email to

LCOS hopes to open Godspell in August or September followed by Radio TBS before the 2021 season begins.

“Our 2020-2021 season will provide many opportunities for people to get involved. The theme of our 2021-season will be “Transitions,” featuring three shows that deal with love, marriage, family, aging, and the inevitable changes that come with the journey we call our lives,” said Lenora.

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