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INVITATION: Help Luther Apply for HGTV Small Town Takeover

Friday 4pm Main Street

Bison Blinds

Is Luther ready for a takeover? When it comes to a contest where the television show HGTV is searching for a whole town to help renovate, Luther is going to give it a shot.

It will be HGTV’s first show to feature an entire town renovation, featuring the darlings of the new hit show Home Town, Erin and Ben Napier. “This is a big one,” Erin Napier said of the new show in a statement. “HGTV has never, ever taken on a whole town renovation and restoration project and we’re so proud and excited to be leading the team that will get it done.”  The statement says, the Napiers are well-equipped to renovate a small town—they’ve been revitalizing historic homes and properties throughout their home town of Laurel, Mississippi since 2017. They’ve also revitalized Laurel’s downtown area.

Luther meets the criteria for entering the contest – with a small population, historic charm and a need for some restoration. BONUS: an enthusiastic community coming together to apply out of love for their neighbors and community. But with many towns vying to win the unique contest, Luther will have to stand above the rest to have a chance.

Not a problem!

photo by Immersive Memories at Luther Pecan Festival, 2019

This is where you come in. A town-wide video shoot is planned Friday, January 31, at 4 pm. Would you come be in it? And then, when the video is produced, would you grab a link for it to put in your application? When the video is ready, we will publish a link here at Luther Register and on social media for you to grab to complete your application for the contest.


If the incredible response of the town, business owners, neighbors and school is any indication, Luther has a great shot. Luther Public Schools is onboard with teams, groups and clubs fired up to take part in the video. THANK YOU LPS.

In a recent meeting, all three school principals, the superintendent, and more than a dozen school sponsors of every group ranging from athletics, academics, agriculture and more hustled downtown after the closing bell rang to plan the shoot with folks from the Town as well as our volunteer videographer and producers.

Special thanks to Luther native Billy Hofegartner of Shutter Up Photo/Media and Josh and Stephanie Smith with Opus Entertainment. They dropped everything to work this into their busy schedules, and will kiss their weekend goodbye to hustle to edit the finished product. With a deadline of Tuesday, February 4, we want to have the application materials ready as soon as we can. Everyone apply, there is strength in numbers. Thank you Shutter Up and Opus.


When: Friday, January 31, 4 – 5 pm
Where: Main Street
Wear: LUTHER T-shirt – from the school, your favorite local business or event
What: Be part of the crowd for a video for our contest entry
Bring: SIGNS. Suggested wording: Pick Luther, I Love Luther, Luther Small Town Takeover, I love my Small Town, Help our Parks, Help our Gym, Thank you HGTV, Thank you Erin & Ben, #lutherlocal, It’s a Great Day to be a Luther Lion.
Then: Shop and grab a bite in one of shops and restaurants in Luther!

You get the idea!

Visitors to will find information on how to nominate their town for consideration. Submissions must include photos of the town, but video is preferred. Videos should spotlight a specific place that needs a makeover, such as a diner, coffee shop, home or playground. Submissions also should feature a tour of the town that highlights the places that need the most help as well as the people that love living there.

What do you think needs a makeover in our town?

Special thanks to Luther High School Senior and Photographer Megan Garrett for taking many of the images of Luther on behalf The Luther Register. Feel free to use these images as part of your entry, or use your own!


Thank you for supporting local news for your town.



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