Luther Mary Kay Sales Director Earns Vehicle

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DALLAS September 20, 2019- Mary Kay Independent Sales Director Brenda Austin of Luther, OK has
earned the use of a new Chevy Traverse 1LT as a result of her outstanding achievements in her Mary
Kay business.

Brenda Austin and family in her new vehicle, earned through her Mary Kay business.

Austin will take delivery of a new Chevy Traverse 1LT, her 5th Mary Kay Career Car, at Eskridge
Chevrolet in Guthrie, OK. Mary Kay independent sales force members earn the use of a Career Car by
meeting and exceeding goals set within their Mary Kay businesses.

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Austin began her Mary Kay business as an Independent Beauty Consultant in March 2011 and as a
direct result of her accomplishments, and after beating breast cancer, became an Independent Sales
Director in December 2012.

Brenda Austin

“I am truly humbled to lead a team of amazing, hard working women,” said Austin. “To know I have
saved my family thousands of dollars in car payments, tag, title, and taxes, as well as insurance
premiums is very freeing. Plus, to be able to represent Mary Kay in my community at this level makes me
proud to be from Luther.”

The Career Car Program includes the Chevy Malibu, Chevy Equinox, MINI Hardtop 4 Door, Chevy
Traverse and the iconic and coveted pearlized pink Cadillac, a signature color to the Mary Kay Career
Car Program.

“Mary Kay has continued to provide a rewarding opportunity selling irresistible products and changing the
lives of women around the world for 55 years,” said Laura Beitler, Vice President of U.S. Sales for Mary
Kay Inc. “The use of Mary Kay Career Cars earned by the independent sales force are just one of the
ways our Independent Beauty Consultants are rewarded for their success. We are proud to recognize
them for their hard work, entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to their Mary Kay businesses.”

Since the Mary Kay Career Car Program’s inception in 1969, more than 164,000 independent sales force
members have qualified or re-qualified to earn the use of a Mary Kay Career Car. Currently there are
more than 4,100 Mary Kay Career Cars are on the road nationwide.

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