Former LHS Stabbing Suspect Charged as an Adult

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After almost 13 months, the teenager accused of stabbing a fellow Luther High School student on the first day of school last year has been charged as an adult in Oklahoma County District Court.

Principal Shawn Meek and authorites after the stabbing on August 162018.

Tatum Dillan, who turned 15 in May, is charged with two felony counts, one count of assault and battery with a deadly weapon and one count of maiming. Taken into juvenile custody on the day of the incident,  he was released from juvenile custody earlier this year.  The charges against him, as an adult, were not filed until September 6, 2019.

Charges against Tatum Dillon were filed September 6, 2019.


The incident happened on the first day of the 2018-19 school year during a morning assembly that had the entire high school gathered. Teachers flew to the aid of the victim and detained the suspect who was armed with a knife. The victim was a fellow freshman at the high school who has recovered from her physical injuries.

The court’s decision to charge Dillan as an adult will allow the public to follow his criminal case.

As the media pursued the story today, the victim’s family (and likely Dillan’s family as well) were surprised and inundated with unwelcome media contact. The family asks that acquaintances and friends not reply to reporters’ requests for their contact information or whereabouts, and allowed The Luther Register to share that request here.

With the news report just released, past experiences, and already being contacted, my family would greatly appreciate it that if a reporter contacts y’all asking for any of our info, to not give it out, or any info at all regarding it! thank you in advance!” request from the family of the stabbing victim.


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