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Bond Election Nears, Info Meeting Aug 22

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Voters in the Luther Public School district will vote, for the second time in a year, on a bond package for building projects at the school district on September 10, 2019. Voters rejected a proposal last January. While the yes votes won at the last election, there was not enough for a required super majority for the measure to increase property taxes to make the asked for improvements. This time around, the ask is adjusted somewhat but includes improvements for all three schools: elementary, middle school and high school with safe rooms, a library and a new gym.

Sample ballot for the Luther Bond election.

Before the election, two more public meetings are scheduled. Sponsored by the school district, the bond advisor, architect, contractor and administrators will talk about the projects and field questions. The next meeting is Thursday, August 22, 2019, at 7 pm in the high school commons. The next meeting will be September 5, just days before the election.

Photo by Megan Garrett of the Luther gym, built more than 50 years ago.

Project costs are at about $25 million, and officials pledge the increased property tax burden will be less than ten percent to pay for the bond funding over the next ten years.

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  1. Let me start off by saying that I want all the kids to have a very good education in a sufficient facility. I didn’t buy the fanciest home in Luther because I didn’t need it nor could I afford it . By opposing this doesn’t mean that I am against children…I am definitely not. I feel school districts compete to have facilities that are nicer than the next. We don’t need to keep up with Deer Creek…
    Home values have gone up significantly in the last few years = more taxes. The school revenue constantly increases without raising taxes due to the increase in property values. Asking to increase the rate is having your cake and eating it too.
    Why can’t the school system live within their budget. They know that buildings need repairs or replacement over time. New things will always be desired but you should budget for these items.
    Property taxes are at a all time high in this district. Taxes almost always go up and I am sure a few years down the road this will not have been enough.

    There are fewer children per capita, same number of properties at a higher value which means more revenue for the district per child.

    We are at the end of longest United States economic expansion in history starting in 2009 which means we could be on the edge of one of the greatest recessions in history, More debt and higher taxes could be a recipe for disaster for many familys.

  2. We home school our 2 teenagers now, but since the new high school has went in… I feel like a necessity for the school is putting in a sidewalk down Luther Road! The kids walking in the middle of the street are dangerous enough, you add people with trailers and a two lane road with kids walking in one I have witnessed myself…. it is bound to end up bad one day when it could have been avoided I feel like that is more important!

  3. Questions we should have answered:
    Who is SOS that put out the banners and where do they get their funding.
    Who are the Bond Underwriters and what are their fees.
    What is the interest rate of the Bonds.
    Someone has a very strong interest in this for it to fail in the last election cycle and for it to be brought back again so soon at a higher price tag. I am feeling like these people are going to keep reaching for my wallet until they steal everything I have.
    Luther Register, can you get us some of these answers please? The voters should be fully informed. Thanks for all you do.

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