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A trio of leaders met in Luther recently and the main topic of conversation was the bumpy stretch of Triple X Road between State Highway 66 and Hogback on the way to the Turner Turnpike. The road belongs to Oklahoma City, not Luther or Oklahoma County. Luther Mayor Jenni White met with Oklahoma City Councilwoman Nikki Nice and Oklahoma County Commissioner Carrie Blumert in Luther on Friday, July 12.

Luther Mayor Jenni White, Oklahoma City Councilwoman Nikki Nice and Oklahoma County Commissioner Carrie Blumert met in Luther about the poor condition of Triple X Road.
Triple X Road between SH 66 and Hogback Rd is in terrible condition.

Mayor White said it was a positive meeting. “Both Councilwoman Nice and Commissioner Blumert were very kind to come out to Luther to meet with me. They listened carefully – and, as usual, Commissioner Blumert took extensive notes and formulated a plan of direction to possibly address my concerns.”

White said for newcomers to this area, getting off at the Luther/Jones exit on the Turner Turnpike can be nerve wracking – the potholes, the uneven surface, the flooding, the lack of lighting at night – could make even the boldest Route 66 travelers get back on I-44.

“If Luther is to support our current businesses and grow, we need to be able to bring people here from I-44. Hogback is one way, but many travelers like to see and use 66 for nostalgia. In addition, so many of our residents use this road daily only to accumulate unnecessary wear and tear on their vehicles. We need to have appropriate and safe access into our town from all directions, and Triple X is neither,” said White on her FB Page.

It wasn’t the first time White and many drivers who travel that stretch frequently have tried to do something about the road’s terrible condition. Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt visited Luther last December and looked at the road. He followed up with this email:

I have visited with Public Works and received a lot of information.   Basically, in their somewhat complicated formula that includes condition and traffic count, Triple X does not rank very high.   Somewhat surprisingly, I guess, NE 178th (that was recently resurfaced) ranked a lot higher, and that’s why it got resurfaced first.

Eventually, everything will get done, but this doesn’t seem to be terribly high on the list right now.   As you know, we have a lot to keep up with.   I recommend expanding your lobbying efforts to Councilwoman Nice and having her out as well.   Let’s stay in touch.” Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt in an email, Dec. 4, 2018

In July Nice and Blumert visited Luther to discuss the same issue, and others that relate to the city, town and county. The stretch of road, is part of the 620 miles that belong to Oklahoma City.

Blumert, serving her first term representing Oklahoma County’s District One, said she drove to Luther last Friday using Memorial Road and other county roadways that are damaged from the construction of the new Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike. She has indicated the county and turnpike authority are negotiating over costs of the extensive damage to county roads.

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Blumert’s meeting with Mayor White and Councilwoman Nice prompted this social media post.

Social Media post from Oklahoma County Commissioner Carrie Blumert.

Blumert will be back in Eastern Oklahoma County Saturday, July 20 at Rooster’s Cafe in Jones to meet with residents, and she said she is planning a similar visit to Luther soon.

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