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Cavin Resigns from Town Board

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Luther Town Trustee Paxton Cavin has announced her resignation from the five-member governing body of the Luther Town Board of Trustees. She was elected to the position in a sweeping election in 2017 that ushered in new leadership for our small town.

Luther Town Board Members: Cavin, Langston, White, Jackson and Roach. New board members Jeff Schwarzmeier and Brian Hall were elected to succeeed Jackson and Roach who did not run again for the April 2019 election.


Immediately upon her election, Cavin took on communication duties including updating the town’s website and creating social media posts and posting meeting agendas and notices via email. She was also the police department liaison, in daily communication with the police department. As a trustee, Cavin participated in at least two meetings every month that many times were lengthy with agenda items and discussion.

In her resignation letter to the Board, Cavin said her resignation is effective immediately. “As many of you are aware my family has welcomed many changes this past year professionally and will soon be welcoming a new member to our life. After much consideration, these blessings were the determining factors in my family’s decision to put our home on the market and consider relocating. Due to this decision I do not feel like it is proper, transparent, or professional for me to continue making decisions for the community,” Cavin wrote.

Paxton Cavin, photo courtesy, Town of Luther

In her professional life, Cavin is the Business Professionals of America State Advisor & DECA State Association Advisor at Oklahoma CareerTech. An artist and art teacher, Cavin volunteered her talents and time to produce the artwork for the Luther Pecan Festival. 

Luther Pecan Festival
Artwork produced by Paxton Cavin for the 2018 LPF. Thank you Paxton!



Paxton Cavin’s 2017 campaign picture in front of their historic home on Dogwood.

I would like to thank those in the Luther community who put their faith in a twenty something, new mom who had only lived in Luther for three years at the time of the election. So often in small towns those who grew up there are the only people who get to have an opinion and that was not the case in the trustee election of 2017. My resignation is bittersweet, I have never sugar coated my time on the board – it isn’t necessarily something that sparks joy in one’s life on a daily basis; however, being able to create change that will hopefully make the community a better place for all of its residents was rewarding. I hope that people recognize the greats strides that have been made since this “new board” took office in 2017 and that although there will always be those who criticize without understanding, the Town of Luther is operating in a much more transparent, legal, and professional way than it has in a long time. It was a tremendous opportunity to serve with the six trustees who I was able to make decisions with, a privilege to be the liaison to a hard working and dedicated police department, and an honor to work with the employees and volunteers of the Town of Luther,” said Paxton Cavin.

Cavin’s service to the Town of Luther will leave a void as evidenced by the five items on the June 27 Special Town Board Meeting, that range from appointing a new vice mayor and police liaison, finding a replacement to do updates for the Town’s website, and to accept resumes of individuals who might be interested in being appointed to serve the rest of Cavin’s term. It is likely, the successor will be appointed by the remaining trustees, rather than hold a special election, scheduled in April 2021.

Paxton Cavin is married to CJ Cavin a member of the Luther School Board. The Luther School Board also meets in a regular meeting Thursday evening. 


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