More Money in Luther, Town Board Holds Budget Hearing

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The Luther Town Board will hold a public hearing, Tuesday, June 11, at 6:30 pm to review its proposed budget for the Town and Luther Public Works Authority for new fiscal year that begins July 1, 2019.  The town anticipates revenue of almost $850,000 and is planning expenditures of $714,656. The current budget reflects town revenue that outpaced projections. While the Town budgeted for $667,000 in income for the year, revenue surpassed $1 million.

Increased sales taxes to the town coffers get the credit for some of the increased revenue, while fines and forfeitures also outpaced its budget projections. For the new budget year, the Town is budgeting a monthly collection of $35,000 for sales taxes and $20,000 on tickets.

As for expenditures, the Luther Police Department expenditures, minus wages, is budgeted at $158,140 next year. Expenses cover items such as forensic fees ($24,600), vehicle maintenance ($12,000), inmate boarding ($8,100), municipal judge ($10,200), prosecuting attorney ($10,200) and fuel ($26,400). The projected police payroll is $237,142.

The volunteer Luther Fire Department projected expenses are $104,451, with the biggest outlays for equipment maintenance and debt service on vehicles and apparatus. There are no fire department payroll expenses.

Provided by The Town of Luther

The Town projected expenses total $86,840, minus wages, and cover items such as utilities, community center rental, bank fees, insurance, postage and dues. The Clerk/Treasurer budget is $720 ($60 a month), the Town Attorney ($27,000), Flood Plain Administrator ($4,800), Eastern Oklahoma County Partnership ($5,340),

Capital purchases for the new year will include fire hydrants, police radios, fireworks, and vehicles and radios for the fire department. In addition, costs to cover the move of Town Hall from its current Main Street location to the building across the street is budgeted at $12,000. BancFirst is scheduled to open in its new location in July. After the capital expenditures, the Town anticipates having a net savings of $103,560. The town netted nearly $492,000 this year.

provided by The Town of Luther

Following the public hearing, the regular meeting of the Luther Town Board will be held at 7 pm at 18120 Hogback Road, Tuesday, June 11, 2019.


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  1. It seems the increase each year regarding fines and such either means they anticipate to give out more tickets for some reason or they have goal numbers on the number to write, either way, it seems to put it clearly in the revenue generating category, and thus the running of the town is partially supported by people who may not be in a situation to handle the financial hardship. That doesnt seem right. I also call into question the legality of it costing more to see the judge, thus inducing those who may not be able to afford the ticket, the incentive to give up some rights. And the costs of the tickets are almost double what Edmond charges. It all seems excessive and a burden.

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