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Your Views: Unleashed Dogs are a Problem

Letter to the Editor

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Following is a letter submitted by Mr. Bob Jones of SE Logan County, north of Luther, who brings up an interesting point regarding rural life and dogs. The opinions expressed in “Your Views” content does not necessarily represent the views of The Luther Register. Thank you. 

Southeast Logan County has a problem with irresponsible dog owners. Even though no leash laws are applicable to rural areas, dog owners whose animals cause injury while roaming face at least civil liability.

I was bitten on my property by one of several neighbor’s dogs that were allowed to roam. The neighbor recognized the continuing risk and fenced in the dogs. On 5/23/10 my grandsons, ages 4, 8 and 11, were chased by a pack of dogs that ventured onto their property. Fortunately my son heard the boys scream and intervened before they were harmed. The dogs had collars and were well-fed.

We are a family of animal lovers, especially dogs. However, going forward we will shoot any dog encountered on our property that poses a threat to people, pets or livestock. There will be no warning shot. It is a shame that a dog must pay the ultimate price because it has an irresponsible owner. It will be a real tragedy if someone is mauled or killed.

Responsible dog lovers and owners need to advocate for responsbile dog ownership. Irresponsible owners need to know there will be consequences for their carelessness.

Bob Jones

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  1. Unleashed dogs are a problem in town too and the Town of Luther’s worthless police department won’t do a damned thing about them. Protect and serve who? Definitely not the citizens of Luther nor our property. Maybe a pile of dead dogs in the middle of Main Street will get their attention. Probably not, who are we kidding?

  2. I was driving on Covell last week and swerved into the ditch due to someone’s new puppy sitting in the middle of the road; I came over the hill and was only going 30, due to just turning off my rock road, but it could’ve been alot worse if I was going the actual speed limit through there yikes! I love animals and it breaks my heart they are left to walk out on the road and then all day I’m worried if they will be ok out there.

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