Easter Eggs, Farmer’s Market and Pecan Festival?

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My sweet friend said the other day that Josephine’s Farmers Market might be like a little Luther Pecan Festival every Saturday. That thought struck me with both pride and terror. Pride because how fun would that be for Luther? And terror because what if we wear it out, and no one comes to Pecan Fest, Nov. 16, 2019.

It’s what we do when we try new things; manage the risk, plan for the worst and hope for the best. Oh, and analyze the data. Pray and plan some more. And post maybe just ONE more picture on social media. I do know one thing: both Pecan Fest and Josephine’s Farmers Market were dreamed up and planned (oh lots and lots of planning and work) for basically the same goal: help the town, share the town, and showcase our existing retailers that need our support and sales every day, other than Saturday. And fresh veggies!

A group of us has met since January. We’ve forked over some cash to establish a bank account, buy insurance, pay rent on the market space and take care of other expenses like signage. It’s been a pretty interesting juxtaposition because the mayor, the town manager and the local journalist, plus other volunteers like Phil Campbell (Luther Board of Adjustment) and Ginger Hulsey, have worked on this together. However, we don’t get together in those roles, we are just Jenni, Scherrie and Dawn. It would be nice for all of the roles to be separate and everyone to “drive in their own lane” and stick to being a mayor, a manager and that news lady, but is that possible in a small town? Most of us wear many hats and change them out to gently and passionately weave through our roles. We pledge to remain professional, and a grownup (sometimes that is hard for me!). That doesn’t mean we might not all fuss at each other about a town issue or a negative headline in our “day” jobs (or volunteer service).

Jenni White and Phil Campbell post signage on the corner of Main and Ash.
Thank you to Jason, Kason and Grant for doing whatever it took to change out the Pecan Festival sign to the Farmer’s Market sign.
It takes a village (or strong teenagers).
Thank you Ad Tech Signs and Blake Ballweber for the amazing signage. We are grateful for your support of your town.

The Farmer’s Market is not a “town thing” or a “Luther Register” thing. It is its own thing to bring the community together and to help our local farmers and hobby gardeners share the fruits of their labor. This first day on Saturday, April 20, looks to be awesome. Since the tomatoes and watermelons won’t be ready for a good long while, we will have plants available, some herbs and other things for the garden. We will also have some local artisans and products. All local. All hand-made. And as our season progresses every Saturday, we will have more and more local produce for sale. Can’t you just taste it? In the mean time, would you help us pray and swat away the bugs, the drought, the flood, the blight, the deer and anything else that threatens our romantic notions of gardening and farming. Who ever said it was easy? They were so wrong.

Luther Pecan Festival
Jacob Fuqua at the Luther Pecan Festival

The first Farmer’s Market day will feature the Luther Fire Department engine fire truck coming for the kids and John Pidcock and Jacob Fuqua playing some tunes. We will have the first beautiful weather Saturday in about a month.

We also will have some extra visitors in town for the track meet at the Luther High School track, and the Easter Egg Hunt at Wildhorse Park at Noon.

You’ll see some Pecan Fest faves at the Farmer’s Market like Mary Peters and Felicia Pringle. And Kat from JuneBugs (that’s right the pork rind people!). Tuckori Farms, Barbara Carpenter and Down the Road Okies will all have booths.

Main Street shops will be open and restaurants like the new Our Town Eatery and DJ’s BBQ will welcome you too. If you’ve looked around, you likely have noted that Farmer’s Markets are the thing. We will have one in Arcadia this summer, and in Wellston. (Does anyone else think these Route 66 towns should coordinate! We are! Because Mother Road Tourist season starts soon!). Plus there are farmer’s markets in Edmond, and the new and long-time farms and co-ops that we can visit in between. We are returning to the land. (By the way, McRay Farms will have strawberries soon!) And we believe there’s room for all of us, and to all be friends.

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