Stabbing Suspect Released

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After more than six months in juvenile custody, the 14-year-old student charged with stabbing a fellow student at Luther High School has been released on bond, Luther Police Chief David Randall confirms. The incident happened on the first day of this school year. The victim who was also a freshman has recovered from her physical wounds.

High School Principal Shawn Meek and investigators on the first day of school.

Randall said he was notified by the district attorney that the boy was released about a week ago, and Randall then communicated the information with the school district. The stabbing occurred at the beginning of a back-to-school assembly. School officials were applauded for their quick work to apprehend the boy until authorities arrived, teachers quickly gave medical attention to the victim, and the students were praised for their cooperation after the shocking incident and the ensuing national media frenzy.  Not long after the stabbing, Luther Public Schools and Town of Luther coordinated to hire a full-time school resources officer, and the district has implemented other safety precautions.

Both Chief Randall and Superintendent Barry Gunn said there is no need for anyone to be worried about school safety. The boy’s bond was set shortly after his arrest in August, according to sources, and was just now paid.

Luther Police Chief David Randall, August 2018.
Superintendent Barry Gunn, Aug 2018. Photo by Jacob Factor

The former student faced charges of  “assault and battery with a sharp or dangerous object with intent to injure” at the time of the stabbing. He is not allowed on the Luther Public Schools’ campus. Because of the boy’s age, the public cannot get information about the progress of the criminal case against him without parental or guardian consent.




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