Growers Sought for Luther Farmer’s Market

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The Luther Farmer’s Market is gearing up for its second season with a new location and a start-up date in April. A group of volunteers has been organizing and planning for Josephine’s Farmer’s Market to give local gardeners a venue to sell, neighbors an option to buy fresh produce and other goods and to help build up our community.

During an icy patch all around Luther, isn’t the thought of fresh produce and coming summer a total mood lifter? It won’t be long. The ground is almost ready for our plants. And our flower beds are yearning to be full of blooms.

The Farmer’s Market will be held on the corner of Ash & Second street, in the empty lot. Producers will have colorful tents, and several special events are planned for everyone to enjoy. Beginning in mid-April, growers can sell seedlings, plants, winter produce and other local garden items. As gardens grow and produce comes in, we will look forward to strawberries, peas, beans and other produce as the season grows. And then watermelons!

With special events planned all summer featuring musicians, artists and authors, Josephine’s Farmers Market will be held each Saturday morning, with a quick drive right off 66 on down at Second & Ash, and close to all of Luther’s retailers and restaurants. It’ll also be down the road from Arcadia’s Farmer’s Market to give summer travelers plenty of options as they enjoy the Mother Road.

But first, the market needs growers! If interested, visit the Facebook Page or call Scherrie Pidcock at 405-650-7974.

The fee for the market will help fund community events, marketing and a grower’s association to support the community, community gardening and new projects.

If we all get those seeds in the ground, and get them through this freezing spell, spring will be here soon. And sunshine and local food. Believe it!



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    1. I broke my own rule to approve this comment but I have a reason. The rule is that I don’t approve comments that are not from “real” email addresses like this one. If you are going to comment, own up to who you are, at least to the publisher. You don’t have to publish your identity, but why hide with your remarks? I approved this snide comment to point out something. Yes, Arcadia has a wonderful Farmer’s Market in a beautiful facility. It will be even better this year. Why? Because they have a community that is working together and supporting each other. And we have a great relationship here in Luther with the organizers in Arcadia. Get this! We are going to promote each other! I’m proud of them. It also doesn’t hurt having that gorgeous piece of frontage on 66, funded privately, just five miles from Edmond! In Luther, we are trying too. Isn’t that all we can do? Try. Hard. Work hard. Collaborate hard. Adjust. And keep trying. And live with the reality that people gonna hate and laugh. That is a dumb reality but it is what it is. If you need to “ha ha” Luther … do what you gotta do, but don’t hide. Does ridiculing hurt? Yes it does. Was that your goal? Meanwhile, there are many in Luther trying, and getting some thick skin in the process.

    2. Hey, thanks for the opinion. I love how folks try to find ways to discourage hard-working people. I am just trying to help Luther grow and be self-sufficient. Not discouraged.

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