Stanfield Soars Past Stroud

With three three-pointers in the first period of the Lady Lions game at Stroud, there was no doubt it was Junior Raychel Stanfield’s night to shine.



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Stanfield scored a massive 24 points against the Tigers. with her five assists, she contributed more than half of the Lions 60 points.

There was a dramatic fourth quarter when the Lady Tigers jumped ahead 53-51 at the four minute mark, but strong defending by seniors Caitlin Bailey and Lauren Coates let Stanfield come in for a quick steal and goal. The Tigers jumped back with a layup of their own, but six Tigers fouls led to seven more Lions points and victory.

Final score: Lady Lions 60; Stroud Tigers 55.

Lauren Coates
Shawntae Silva

Junior Bailie Wild dropped 14 points, two of which were three-pointers. She and Stanfield led the team with seven rebounds each.

Freshman Shawntae Silva had nine points, but more impressive was her defensive game. It counted in the third quarter, Silva pressed the Tigers hard with three steals.

The Lady Lions will be in Stroud again this weekend competing in the Route 66 Classic tournament. First game is at 4:20 pm against Tecumseh.

Allan Booher
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