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Town of Luther Selling Property

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The Town of Luther has some Main Street property for sale. Sealed bids will be accepted through 3:00 pm on January 7, 2019, for the empty lot at 207 S Main.

The site is just south of “downtown” and is the lot emptied after an abandoned house was demolished last January.

The reserve amount for the property is $8900.00. The buyer will pay all closing costs. The sealed bids will be open at the regular Town of Luther Board Meeting on Tuesday, January 8, 2019, at 7:00 PM. The board reserves the right to accept the bid from the highest responsible bidder,” according to the Town’s website.

Luther Lot for sale
207 S Main, Luther

The property that once had an early 20th century bungalow-style home was deeded to the Town. The location is zoned in the “Business District.” According to Town ordinances, the area is “intended for the conduct of personal and business services and the general retail business of the community.”

  1. Uses Permitted. Property and buildings in an B District shall be used only for the following purposes:
    1. any use permitted in R1, R2, R3 or R4 Districts
    2. hotel, motel, rooming house, living quarters over business establishment, restaurant, lunchroom or garage.
    3. retail store or shop, repair shop, beauty parlor, funeral home, mercantile establishment, bank, office or office building, or studio
    4. lodge hall
    5. gasoline filling and service station providing storage tanks are underground
    6. indoor theater, bowling alley, skating rink
    7. job printing, newspaper, printing plant
    8. builder’s supply, ice storage and sales, plumbing and heating supply
    9. licensed day care centers
    10. any other retail store, shop or establishment serving the neighborhood in the manner stated above which in the opinion of the Planning Commission is similar in character to those above enumerated and is not more obnoxious or detrimental to the area in which is it located, by reason of noise, offensive odor, smoke, dust, vibration, traffic congestion or danger to lie and property.

Upon review of the Town Planning Commission, private clubs, dance halls or taverns could also be a permissible use.

Luther Business District

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