Lady Lions Beat Mounds

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A fourth period comeback powered by Senior Caitlin Bailey led to a Lady Lions win on the home court Tuesday.  The Lions beat Mounds, 49-41.

The Lady Lions are ranked at 19 for Week 4 in Class 2A, while Mounds is ranked 16.  Bailey scored 14 of her 21 points in the last period with two steals and a couple of quick layups that added to the boards. Bailey has been the top scorer all season, averaging 18 point per game. She caught seven rebounds as well.

Shawntae Silva

Senior Lauren Coates also had a standout scoring game, earning 16 points. She also led the team in rebounds with  nine. Junior Raychel Stanfield had 11 points, five rebounds and four assists. Junior Kennedy Cox had four assists as well.

The Lady Lions were the consolation champions at last weekend’s CNIT Tournament in Talihina, Okla, dropping their first game last Thursday to Pocola.

The team plays Jones at home Thursday before Christmas break.

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Caitlin Bailey

21 points

7 rebounds

Lauren Coates

16 points

9 rebounds

Raychel Stanfield

11 points

5 rebounds

4 assists

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