Growing in Thankfulness

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By Patricia Johnson, Pastor
Luther First United Methodist Church

Lynne Baab, a renowned Christian author suggests we all try to begin our prayer time with a few prayers of thankfulness. Especially during stressful times, changing our perspective to a positive one, can help transition our mood and outlook on our daily life. Sometimes, it may feel as if you just can’t find a thing to be thankful for, except the food on the table and your health—but that in itself is a lot!

Luther United Methodist Church

After trying this for a few weeks, Lynne said that she and her husband were amazed by how many things they could notice for which they wanted to thank God: friends, extended family, their neighborhood, a comfortable, safe home, bursting flowers in the spring, and colorful leaves in the fall, to name a few.

The specifics of daily life become more visible to us as manifestations of God’s care for us. I see God’s hand active in my garden as I water my flowers, herbs and plants and admire the nature that surrounds them—including hummingbirds, bees and yea, even the ants. “More aspects of our lives seem to flow from the hands of a gracious and generous God.”

As a result of doing this, the author said, she and her husband became more aware of what they had been missing in the past prayer times when they launched into a list of requests, asking for their needs and wants.  She said they simply hadn’t noticed God’s good gifts. It takes time in thankfulness to begin to notice God’s gifts and blessings.

Prayers of thankfulness make us take a few minutes to stop and reflect. By doing so they enable us to see what God has been doing and where God has been working. They also help us to notice the specifics of God’s work and the patterns of God’s goodness in our lives and in the lives of others. Let’s both try to begin our prayers with greater gratitude and thankfulness and watch the transformation happen in and around us!

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